Instore eKiosk Helps Gun Buyers & FFL’s Complete 4473 Paperwork

Instore eKiosk Helps Gun Buyers & FFL’s Complete 4473 Paperwork
To Inform, Protect and Preserve the Firearms Industry.

eKiosk By Coloseum Software Corp
eKiosk By Coloseum Software Corp
Coloseum Software

Mansfield MA –-( Coloseum Software Corp. has released the first software of its kind, e4474 Kiosk on This kiosk system is a brand-new product for the firearms industry designed to increase the speed and accuracy of customers’ 4473 paperwork.

FFL dealers can now guide their customers to an in-store Auto-Attending Kiosk, where they can fill out the forms required to purchase a firearm. A computerized voice prompts the buyer to fill in the necessary fields in a stress-free, convenient environment. The system checks for common errors that frequently result in rejected applications as the questions are answered. While the eKiosk interacts with customers to ensure more complete, correct federal forms in less time than previously possible, employees are free to handle other aspects of the business and provide personal assistance to shoppers. Installing this system is like having an employee on staff who is solely dedicated to expertly handling 4473 transactions.

“The Coloseum team has worked for more than a year to bring this state-of-the-art system to every FFL dealer. For the first time in the industry’s history, even smaller FFL dealers have the tools to manage their businesses. It’s truly an exciting time,” says James M. LaMonte, CEO of Coloseum Software Corp.

The only equipment needed to set up an in-store eKiosk is a computer that can access the Internet. The eKiosk does not need to be networked to AIMI eBook Pro or any other program. The kiosk features an attractive redwood finish and large buttons for easy navigation to complement any FFL dealer’s store with both its modern design and advance technology. Our studies with individuals between the ages of 18 to 85 have shown that the majority prefers to use the kiosk to purchase firearms over written paperwork because the process is simplified and the questions are clearer.

Coloseum Software Corp. has created this software to suit all types of dealers, including those with Web-based businesses. When customers check out online, they will be prompted to complete the 4473 paperwork from the privacy of their own homes, or wherever they happen to be, to complete the purchase through an account they set up on

The new e4473 kiosk is free on to registered FFL dealers. To process e4473 forms, dealers only need to have AIMI eBook Pro installed at their location. This software can be purchased at a reduced cost from our trusted partner Brownells.

As with any new technology, our systems continue to be enhanced by customer feedback. We are dedicated to offering the best solutions for the firearms industry and can only succeed when our technology and customers’ wants and needs merge. Coloseum is your personal software company. Talk to us – we’re listening.

Coloseum Software Corp., the industry leader in compliance and firearms software, and Brownells Inc., the world’s largest supplier of firearms accessories, gun parts and gunsmithing tools, will utilize this partnership to strengthen compliance in the Firearms Industry. Combining their efforts and expertise, the companies will use the latest compliance technology to inform, protect and preserve the Firearms Industry, which has experienced a decline in the number of licensed dealers since 1994 due to clerical errors and other compliance issues.

While Coloseum Software Corp. will continue to sell, support and produce its many highly innovative products, Brownells’ customers may now purchase Coloseum’s AIMI eBook Pro Firearms Management Software directly from Brownells at a reduced rate. This will allow Brownells to streamline customer transactions using exclusive features offered only by AIMI eBook Pro, such as Dealer-to-Dealer eTransfers, On-line e4473 Kiosk and Direct Link Multi-management, while providing FFL Dealers with complete inventory management, acquisition and disposition and more.

About Coloseum Software Corp.
The leader of firearms compliance and inventory products, Coloseum Software Corp. was founded in 2001 to fulfill the need for complete records management and inventory control with easy-to-use software. Developers of new state-of-the-art products, such as Aimi eBook, Social Network and, its strategic objective is to provide this technology in a safe, reliable and affordable environment. Coloseum Software Corp. develops compliancy software exclusively for the firearms and sporting goods industries.

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