Knife Rights Featured Front Page on New York Times

Knife Rights Featured Front Page on New York Times

Front Page New York Times
Knife Rights Featured Front Page on New York Times

Gilbert, AZ –-( The Sunday edition of the New York Times featured a front page article on Knife Rights and efforts to remove or rationalize restrictive knife laws and enhance protection for lawful use of knives by honest citizens.

While the reporter got a few facts incorrect, in general the article can be viewed as relatively even-handed and a positive, especially considering the source.

(Note that this article was written prior to Knife Rights’ first case in New York being settled with a dismissal.)

  • Read the article at the New York Times online:
  • View a PDF (photos) of the article from the paper:

Knife Rights Foundation is leading the legal fight against New York County Distract Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr’s assault on our pocketknives. Help us stop this insanity.

Please make a contribution to our fight against the NYC DA’s assault on our pocketknives:


If you are a retailer or individual who finds yourself targeted for the sale or possession of so-called illegal knives (one-hand opening and assisted opening knives inappropriately claimed to be gravity knives or switchblades) in New York, we urge you to immediately contact Knife Rights at: [email protected] or call toll-free: 1-866-889-6268.

Knife Rights has quickly grown to become America’s largest grassroots knife owners organization. Invest in a Sharper Future. Become a Knife Rights member and make a contribution to support the fight for your knife rights. Visit

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Jeff Morelock

I just can't believe how a city that's so crime ridden can keep handcuffing law abiding citizens and restrict them from defending themselves.