Meet Drop Zone TV’s Hal Shaffer & Trick Shot Archer Byron Ferguson At Wildlife Research Center’s ATA Show Booth

Meet Drop Zone TV’s Hal Shaffer & Trick Shot Archer Byron Ferguson At Wildlife Research Center's ATA Show Booth
#1201 America’S Top Brand

Wildlife Research Center
Wildlife Research Center

Ramsey, MN –-( Wildlife Research Center, inc. is a leader in the scent elimination and hunting scent industry.

Wildlife is pleased to announce that Hal Shaffer from Drop Zone TV and Byron Ferguson are confirmed to appear at their ATA Show booth (#1201) on Friday, January 7, 2011 at 10:00am.

Hal Shaffer began his life of adventure at an early age; he took his first buck at 13 in the southernwoods of North Carolina. Hal began his career in NASCAR, working in the pits changing tires for well-known drivers; this led him to begin his own racing career.

In 1997, Hal came back to the outdoor industry and started the very popular radio show, Carolina Outdoors. This show grew rapidly within five years that it led Hal to television. In 2003, Hal created Carolina Outdoors TV. Five years later, Hal and good friend Zip took Carolina Outdoors TV to the next level and birthed Drop Zone TV, a show dedicated to making their viewers their number one priority.

Byron Ferguson became infatuated with the bow and arrow at the ripe age of twelve. When he began shooting, he did not worry about hitting the paper target on a bale of hay; he could not even hit the hay!

Today, he can shoot an arrow through a diamond ring, as seen on the television show, Super People (Tokyo). Byron is most famous for his coin trick, shooting eight dimes in a row out of the air and he uses no sights or gadgets when he shoots. Byron has appeared on American Shooter on TNN, ESPN, ESPN2 and OLN for ten years where his “SHOT OF THE WEEK” was the most watched portion of the show. In 2003, Byron formed BYRON FERGUSON PRODUCTIONS, a full service video production company. Today, Byron is recreating shots of the Robin Hood movie for German TV and working on segments for the History Channels “Super Humans”.


For more information, please visit to learn more about Wildlife Research Center and their products.

About Wildlife:
Wildlife Research Center has a reputation for having the best hunting scent products and human scent elimination formulas on the market. Their mission is to produce products that work better and conduct business with their customers in better ways, like their 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Wildlife has a deep respect for hunters, wildlife and the sport of hunting. Wildlife is The brand that hunters count on. They are not a company that is a jack-of-all-trades and master none; they do one thing and do it well! Fire up your hunt by using Wildlife products!

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