New Jersey Governor Commutes Brian Aitken’s Sentence

New Jersey Governor Christie Commutes Brian Aitken’s Sentence

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Trenton, NJ –-( It’s official … Governor Christie has commuted Brian’s sentence and he will be home before Christmas!

Brian was wrongfully convicted for legal firearms and denied due process by former New Jersey Judge James Morley.

Judge Napolitano featured the story on Fox News, saying “The story of Brian Aitken is heartbreaking…Brian is a decent young man, and a law abiding citizen. He was arrested, charged, and locked up simply because he had guns which the state said he could lawfully possess.”

From Brian’s facebook Page: “THANK YOU everybody. If it wasn’t for your letters, phone calls and support this never would have happened. What a joyous Christmas this will be. Thank again from the bottom of our hearts. Brian Aitken has been freed!”

Brian Aitkens Commutation Order

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Glad he,s free,but look at the bill Christy signed,just making the same thing a crime I find it hard to believe Trump would even consider him as his V.P


Glad to hear the news!