North Coast Shooters Association Rifle Match At Camp Blanding FL

North Coast Shooters Association (NCSA) Rifle Match At Camp Blanding FL
January 21-23, 2011

North Coast Shooters Association
North Coast Shooters Association

Camp Blanding, FL –-( North Coast Shooters Association (NCSA) is sponsoring a 50 Cal BMG and Any Other Rifle (AOR) long range rifle match at 600 yards and a 223/5.56 caliber rifle pop-up target match at the Florida National Guard Camp Blanding base located 8 miles east of Starke Florida on Hwy 16.

Schedule of events

  • Fri. 21 January 2011 -registration, safety meeting (required) and site in/practice day from 0900-1500
  • Sat. 22 January 2011 – 50 Cal BMG and AOR Long Range match at 600 yards at 0800
  • Sun 23 January 2011 – MRFR Rifle Match at 0800

MRFR course of fire is at pop-up targets from 50-300 yards Followed by a handgun match on pop-up targets.

All shooters are required to attend a safety briefing on Friday or another briefing prior to shooting Saturday or Sunday.

For further information go to – click on events, all participants required to belong NCSA for insurance purposes.

Membership is $35 and good for all NCSA events until June 30th 2011

For event information contact :

  • Joe Acker (352) 860-0464
  • Keith Kirkendall (904) 655-5362
  • Terry Pitts (216) 695-1066
  • Nick Mullet (330) 390-0021, (330) 674-3244

You can find more information at:

The North Coast Shooters Association was formed to be the instrument to open up additional places to shoot on ranges that are primarily located East of the Mississippi river. Our mission statement is to make the NCSA, LTD. Available with our insurance to fellow shooters to assist them in opening the doors at ranges across the country for civilian shooters ranging from .22 rim fire to .50 caliber BMG competition.