NRA Civil Rights Roundup Regarding Brian Aitken

NRA Civil Rights Roundup Regarding Brian Aitken


Charlotte, NC –-( NRA-ILA grass roots news recently debuted a new and improved format for the “Grassroots News Minute” video!

Cam Edwards talks with the NRA's Deputy General Counsel Stefan Tahmassebi who reviews Brian Aitken case in New Jersey. Brian is serving 7 years for owning a legal gun.

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  • 2 thoughts on “NRA Civil Rights Roundup Regarding Brian Aitken

    1. This is why you don't cooperate with the cops.

      Mistake 1: Dialing 911

      Mistake 2: Returning at the cop's request

      Mistake 3: Talking to the cops

      Mistake 4: Giving consent to search car.

      This guy wouldn't have any of these problems if he had refused to cooperate with the cops. As for dialing 911, that's an invitation to disaster all by itself.

    2. In no way do I believe 18 Y/O kids are mature enough to buy and posess a handgun! After all what pourpose would a 18 Y/O have to need a handgun? I could possibly see a rifle or shotgun as hunting is a great sport that young people everywhere can enjoy.

      A handgun.. It is noy traditionaly a hunting weapon but more of a weapon for self defense. It takes a lot of practice to become proficient with a handgun. Even more so to hunt with one.

      What neighborhoods require a 18 y/o to go around armed, I see no reason to need a concealed handgun, if a youngster needs a handgun then he should carry it out in the open so everyone around him knows and can supervise his behavior.

      A kid in the country does not need a concealed carry he can use it a gun in a open holster today with no law changes.. The law today as writen says a 18 y/o cannot BUY a handgun but it does not say he cannot posess one IF his parents or legal guardian buy it FOR him & the ammo to go with it… When he turns 21 then he can have one without his parents involvement.

      Why not leave it like it is??? There are too many wanna be ganstas in the schools today without making matters worse by arming them..

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