Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggle Is “Hands Down” Choice According To Testers

Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggle Is “Hands Down” Choice According To Testers

Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggle
Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggle
Revision Eyewear

Essex Junction, VT –-( Revision, leading developer of protective eyewear for militaries worldwide, receives end-user praise following testing of their Desert Locust Fan Goggle.

The system features a tri-speed silent exhausting fan for superior fog protection in extreme temperatures. The goggle’s robust, energy efficient motor is resistant to dust and moisture for continuous operation in even the harshest environments. The weather-resistant battery casing provides exceptional life for mission performance and it operates using a single AA battery for easy field replacement.

The goggle was trialed by test team members from over 30 states and it was subject to a variety of field conditions from high heat and humidity to extreme cold. The Desert Locust Fan Goggle performed equally well in fit, comfort and of course anti-fog performance.

End-users summarized their experience as follows:

“I would choose the fan goggle hands down. The fan feature allowed me to never experience any fogging which has been a problem for me in the past with non-fan goggles. Advantage, clear field of view at all time. Disadvantage, none noted.”

“I wish I had these goggles while serving with the Army in Iraq! I was dismounted after an IED strike disabled a vehicle. While holding a perimeter my own breath fogged my goggles so badly that I had to take them off and lost ballistic protection. Had these been available then I would have purchased them… The loss of vision even for a short time in high risk situations can mean catastrophic failure of mission.”

“An extremely high quality product, suited for any sort of Special Operations. Comfortable in the extreme and highly recommended. I am a convert…!”

Revision develops and delivers purpose-built eye, face and head protection solutions for military and tactical clients worldwide. We are specialists in integration for the optimum and necessary balance of protection and performance. To that end we bring the most advanced expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and finest technical minds. Clients include the U.S. Department of Defense, the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization, the Swiss Federal Department of Defence and the UK Ministry of Defence. Privately owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified, Revision’s operational headquarters is located in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA, with additional offices in the Netherlands and Canada. For more information, visit, write [email protected], or call +1 252.288.5805.

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