SHE Expeditions the New She Outdoor Apparel Adventure Destination Partnership

SHE Expeditions the New She Outdoor Apparel Adventure Destination Partnership

SHE Expeditions Partners with SHE Outdoor Apparel
SHE Expeditions Partners with SHE Outdoor Apparel
SHE Expeditions
SHE Expeditions

Houston, TX –-( SHE Outdoor Apparel is proud to announce the launch of SHE Expeditions.

SHE Expeditions is a booking service that specializes in hunting, fishing and adventure trips for women, their families and companies.

What makes SHE Expeditions different from other booking services is that the staff has tested every destination in their portfolio, and they assist the client with every step of the booking process. She Expeditions offers tailored solutions for the concerns a lady may have about booking a trip.

“Women participating in hunting, shooting and fishing is a growing trend in our industry. First there was clothing that catered to women, the next logical step was an adventure booking service,” said Corinna Slaughter, Director of SHE Expeditions. “Whether it is a first trip or a 10th trip, we want our clients to have an unforgettable and memorable trip.”

SHE Expeditions caters to women, their families and companies. With each trip a client would expect to receive specific details of their destination. This includes what is and is not included in the cost, type of accommodations, guide information and meal services. Clients also receive a clothing and equipment list, so they are well equipped for their adventure. A final countdown is sent 30 days prior to the adventure, including emergency phone numbers, cell phone and Internet service details and transportation arrangements. SHE Expeditions is also only a call away should any questions arise.

“It is about time that ladies who love the outdoors have a service dedicated to ensuring fantastic trips for themselves and their families,” said Pam Zaitz, President and lead designer of SHE Outdoor Apparel. “We are proud to have SHE Expeditions part of the SHE Outdoor Apparel brand.”

Destinations in SHE Expedition’s diverse portfolio include North America, South America, Central America, Africa and the South Pacific. Clients can select numerous species to hunt big and small, go on a scenic fishing trip or a non-hunting adventure destination. For more information visit

SHE Outdoor Apparel is a Texas-based company that designs and produces the highest quality women’s outdoor clothing in safari, upland, camouflage, shooting, adventure and lifestyle collections. For more information about SHE Outdoor Apparel, visit

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I bought a pair of the women’s insulated haunting hikers. wore them twice put hem away for summer next winter the eyelet pulled out the first time I tried to wear them. One year old store won’t take back. $99.00 + tax down the drain.