Shooting with Both Eyes Open

Shooting with Both Eyes Open

Shooting with Both Eyes Open
Shooting with Both Eyes Open
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Alabama –-( You may have heard about eye dominance, but do you know the significance of what it is and how it works?

Essentially, the dominant eye looks directly at an object while the non-dominant eye looks at the same object from a slight angle.

This small difference provides us with depth perception. The dominant eye is primarily relied on for precise positional information and the non-dominant eye is used to help determine distances.

This ability to determine the distance to an object is due to the two eyes receiving slightly different images due to the wide positioning on the face.

While understanding which is your dominate eye is especially important in shooting sports disciplines, hunters might also benefit from a better understanding of eye dominance.

In the most recent issue of Outdoor Alabama magazine, Marisa Lee, Regional Hunter Education Coordinator for the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, explains why shooting with both eyes open is the correct method whether shooting at moving or stationary targets.

Shooting With Both Eyes Open the Correct Method

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