Smokeless Gun Powder Pallet Sale for 50bmg Reloaders

Smokeless Gun Powder Pallet Sale for 50bmg Reloaders
Single pallets only, no small sales.

Smokeless Gun Powder
Bulk Smokeless Gun Powder Sale for 50bmg Reloaders
Ballistic Solutions, Inc
Ballistic Solutions, Inc

Torrance, CA –-( Ballistic Solutions, Inc is having a special offering for 50 caliber re-loaders and is offering smokeless powder in bulk pallets at up to 60%+ off the average retail price for comparable powders, IE Hodgdon H870.

The powder we have available was originally manufactured for Winchester by St. Marks and the following is a breakdown of what we currently have remaining from the initial 190,000 lbs.:

  • 665 lbs of WC867 (7 [email protected] lbs per barrel) (6 barrels per pallet) total weight per pallet is 570 lbs
  • 44,383 lbs of WC872 (2 – 30lb bags per box) (36 boxes per pallet) total weight per pallet is 2,160 lbs

The powder was demilled by a military contractor, is palletted and ready for shipping. It’s military surplus, pulled-down by automated machine press with vacuum extraction. This is a critical process as there are no contaminants and no moisture as is common with other pull-down methods, so the powder does not need to be filtered.

These particular powders have multiple applications. The burn charts show them to be ideal for 50 caliber reloading, as they are in the same range as H860, H870, 5010 & 50 BMG (872 is replacing 5010 by many reloaders.)

It can be loaded as small as 338. Other uses include: testing, explosives, pyrotechnics, movie & TV special effects, etc.

Our price for the remaining powder is $3.60/lb. Minimum order is one pallet. The powder is classified as 1.3 Hazard. The cost does not include shipping. Call or email to order this special one time offer. Get it while supplies last.

Marc J. Coury
Ballistic Solutions, Inc.
OFF TEL: 949.645.3815 / CELL: 949.285.1191
[email protected]

For 15 years Ballistic Solutions has been manufacturing small arms ammunition and sniper rifles. We are in the process of a major expansion. One of our divisions markets military surplus including demil powder and other components. Visit:

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RSR Development, LLC

Do you still have any surplus BMG powders for sale?

John Healy

I would like to purchase a pallet how much and where do I pick this up and I am only using to reload 50 BMG m2 machine gun

daren whipple

do you have any surplus powder for smaller rifles. thankyou. daren at whipple cycle shop

Brian Rostron

Hello; Looking for 50 BMG powders, that will work well with 639gr API Heads. And approximately how many loads do I get from a 8 LB Keg?
It seems its getting harder and harder to find primers & powder for this caliber.

Thank You MSgt. Brian Rostron


Do you have any bulk 844, 846, 820 etc.??? or ???