Student Pistol-Whipped on Gun-Free Campus

Student Pistol-Whipped on Gun-Free Campus

Georgia Gun Owners
Georgia Gun Owners

Kennesaw, Georgia –-( Who could forget the savage murders a few years back at Virginia Tech? Or the Columbine massacre?

Both occurred in government-mandated “gun-free” school zones.

Here in Georgia, our government-run university campuses are “gun-free” school zones as well.

In fact, just two days ago, four thugs accosted, “pistol-whipped,” and robbed a Georgia Tech student…in his dorm room.

Read the Fox News Report here.

You can read about the story on the Official Facebook Page of Georgia Gun Owners by clicking here.

You see, criminals know that university campuses are filled with tens of thousands of potential victims who are prevented by our politicians from carrying on campus.

I know you’ve heard of the word “compromise” before. Well, during the last session of the General Assembly, a disgusting compromise took place. Republican Governor Sonny Perdue threatened to veto a bill that allowed for of age students to carry on university campuses here in Georgia.

Instead of forcing the Governor to veto the bill, and then attempt to override his veto, the Republicans compromised, and accepted a degree of gun control.

Those who had a “seat at the table” said that it would be fine if one could carry in parking lots of university campuses, but certainly not on the campus itself.

Because of that compromise, if the Georgia Tech student who was robbed had been carrying, he would have been in violation of the law.

It’s time for this type of back-room deal making to end. Georgians deserve better. Individual security shouldn’t end at the edge of a university campus.

Gun control is not inevitable. For far too long, we’ve allowed our elected officials to gain endorsements from gun groups by voting for whatever gun bill is out there.

You and I need elected officials who will stand up and do what is right, not fall in line, threatened by party leadership and “professional lobbyists.”

Please call or email your local elected State Representative and Senator as soon as possible and tell them to publicly call for the passage of a “Campus Carry” Bill during the next session of the General Assembly…and that compromise is not acceptable.

For liberty,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director

Georgia Gun Owners in a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots firearm advocacy organization dedicated to countering the gun control lobby through an aggressive program designed to mobilize gun owners and liberty activists across the State of Georgia, while seeking to enlist public support for legislation that would remove compulsory government requirements for gun owners throughout the state. Georgia Gun Owners’ mailing address is 1635 Old 41 Hwy., Ste. 112-202, Kennesaw, Georgia 30152. Georgia Gun Owners can be contacted at 678-719-2348. Georgia Gun Owners’ web address is

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Robert Fowler

Who would have thought on a gun free campus. Maybe the criminals didn't read the rules.


Did this really happen? Most of the stories you people repeat to support your position are just stuff you people make up. Why not put a link to the actual news report of this incident? Maybe because it didn't happen.


Alex; Follow the link from the article: