American Knife & Tool Institute Revised Standard Knife Definitions Approved

American Knife & Tool Institute Revised Standard Knife Definitions Approved

American Knife & Tool Institute
American Knife & Tool Institute

LAS VEGAS, NV –-( Learn what knife industry leaders, members of the knife advocacy organization, the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI), agree are standard knife definitions to use for legislation and law enforcement purposes in the “AKTI Approved Knife Definitions” document available at

Knife owners, lawmakers and law enforcers will read about the background of knife terms in common and legal use, various states that prohibit specific types of knives, and the standard definitions the AKTI is encouraging be used for interpreting and enforcing knife laws.

“AKTI members believe that knives are inanimate objects, regardless of various differences such as length of blade, shape or style, the mechanism for opening, or the name used,” said AKTI President Goldie Russell, A. G. Russell Knives. “As the reasonable voice of the knife community, we have worked to change restrictive and vague knife laws to protect all knife owners.”

Originally adopted in 2005, the “AKTI Approved Knife Definitions” was revised to reflect clarifications to knife definition language that AKTI successfully used in law changes in Texas and the 2009 amendment to the 1958 Federal Switchblade Act. Clarification of the terminology “bias toward closure” and states where certain knives are prohibited were included to make the publication even more informative.

The “AKTI Approved Knife Definitions” has been distributed to lawmakers, police officers, attorneys and judges who recognize the credibility of the industry’s organization and its efforts to promote consistency and clarity. The details and diagrams have been very informative in discussions with legislators.

“We want to build on the work we’ve done and the reputation we have as the organization for those who work with or benefit from knives, and to support those who have questions about legal knife usage,” Russell said. “We encourage everyone to share the document with their legislators and local law enforcement.”

Knife users who wish to support the work of AKTI will find it convenient to become a member or make contributions with online payment options. All knife owners willing to help contact legislators or who want to stay informed about knife issues are encouraged to sign up as Grassroots Supporters of the knife advocacy work that AKTI does; emails detailing the latest legislative and legal issues and updates are free to those who enroll.

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is a non-profit organization (501(c)6) representing all segments of the knife industry and all knife users. Formed by concerned industry leaders after considerable discussion with individual knifemakers, knife magazine publishers, and a broad section of the knife community, AKTI has been the reasonable and responsible voice of the knife community since 1998. For more about AKTI, please see our website at

Akti Approved Knife Definitions

AKTI – The American Knife & Tool Institute represents the entire knife community and all knife owners as we have since 1998. We have successfully won every legislative effort so far. AKTI continues its mission to “Keep Knives in American Lives