Behind The Scenes At A New Gun Introduction on Gun Talk TV

Behind The Scenes At A New Gun Introduction on Gun Talk TV

Gun Talk
Gun Talk

MANDEVILLE, LA –-( Gun Talk Television takes you behind the scenes of the introduction of new guns, as Tom Gresham attends a writer’s event sponsored by Colt at Gunsite in Arizona.

When Colt's Manufacturing showed a new 1911 pistol and a new target version of the AR-15 rifle to the firearms media, Gun Talk Television was there to pull back the curtain on what really goes on at a new-product introduction.

It's as much fun as it is work. Okay, the truth is, it's more fun than it is work, and that comes through clearly on this episode of Gun Talk Television.

“We reveal the secret that gun writers, editors and bloggers won't tell you,” said show host Tom Gresham.

“That truth is that it's hard to beat a job where you get to shoot other people's guns and other people's ammo, and you don't even have to clean the guns!”

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