Calls Heard For National Firearms Carry

Calls Heard For National Firearms Carry
In wake of known threats, leaving citizens defenseless is wrong In wake of known threats, leaving citizens defenseless is wrong.
By Alan Korwin

PHOENIX, AZ –-( Recent events have made it painfully obvious that murderous trouble can erupt at any time and in any place. It is a clear and present danger.

We can no longer afford to pretend such dangers do not exist.

It is irresponsible to continue to imagine that police can be everywhere, or that they can respond with sufficient speed to prevent a homicidal rampage.

Police are second responders. The first responders are always we, the people, on the scene as events unfold.

The time has come to insist upon robust restoration of our right to defend ourselves, to keep and bear arms when and where arms might be needed in public places, to forestall these serious known threats to our safety.

It is time to press forward for nationally recognized right to carry and honor and respect the plain meaning of the Second Amendment.

The forces aligned against our civil right to arms are disgracefully using an assassin’s heinous crime to foment hatred and attack us. They are plotting in secret to diminish and impair our cherished rights. Now is not the time to simply rebut their power-hungry vitriol and ignorance.

Now is the time to advance a vigorous pro-rights agenda, because it is the righteous response to the problems their anti-freedom efforts have helped to create.

We must at last free people from the governmental chains that bind them, and replace those chains with the fullest expression of rights that are so fundamental to the American way of life.

An uninfringed right to keep and bear arms is the moral high ground.

Efforts to ban or infringe on these precious rights in any way is both immoral and dangerously reckless, putting innocent people in harm’s way.

Remove the obstacles to the constitutionally guaranteed right to defend innocent life against whatever evil may confront us.

It is time to secure national carry rights for all law-abiding adult Americans.

National carry must be accompanied by a reinvigorated private effort to educate our children and ourselves in the social utility of firearms, and their safe and legal uses.

The purposes and constitutional roots of this most fundamental right must be reintroduced into the nation’s classrooms.

Incentives must be brought forth to rebirth a culture of marksmanship, and to once again become the nation of marksmen the Founders envisioned. It is not enough to simply argue back against those who would deny or restrict our rights with their many and nefarious schemes.

It is time for national carry rights for all law-abiding adult Americans.

Alan Korwin
Author Gun Laws of America

See proposals for model legislation:

P.S. On an unrelated note, I’ve just been informed that Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has sent a team of people to Arizona to attempt to illegally purchase firearms at a gun show. He has apparently just held a news conference to promote this fact. If true, this makes Mr. Bloomberg an accessory to a federal felony, and the people he sent would have committed several federal felonies in attempting or making the purchases. No word of indictments of the Mayor have yet surfaced. We’ll be watching these developments closely. Elected officials are not free to break laws in an effort to promote any agendas they may have. Such activity is reprehensible and deserves punishment.

The fact that criminals obtain firearms from any source, even though it is strictly illegal to do so, is widely known and reflects a problem with law enforcement, not law itself. Just as police cannot be everywhere to protect everyone, they cannot be present at the scene of every illegal activity that takes place, whether orchestrated by a big-city mayor or otherwise.

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The "full faith and credit" clause is the answer.

It's the part of the constitution that says that NY must respect your AZ drivers license (and that TX must respect the Marriage license of a gay couple from CA like it or not). The mental gymnastics required to allow people to discount that clause regarding concealed carry licenses boggle the mind.


In basic terms anti-gunners feel that if they had a gun they would act in the way they are afraid others will act projecting their emotions and feelings onto others. Because of this they are unable to see/believe that if the item or object was not present they or anyone would still be able to act that way. To keep them from acting out they need outside control and rationalize that others are the ones who need to be controlled. In this instance that means that no one should have a gun, normal capacity magazine, or have a gun that… Read more »


As much as I love the idea of being able to carry anywhere in the country, I am against any National CCW effort because it is a very dangerous double-edged sword.

If they pass such a law it will probably incorporate National Licensing which basically becomes a defacto registration. And based on history, this can be misused in ways that other societies have experienced.

George Baumler

…shall not be infringed. Having any federal involvement in your right to defend yourself is a very bad idea. (the proverbial camel’s nose) The feds would set up a bureaucracy or would expand the powers of the already existing ATF. Once this power is established it will grow like a cancer. The rules and regulations would also increase as would fees, taxes, licenses etc. The subjects (once citizens) could be required to jump though endless hoops. The bottom line is that the politicians and their police must be made to understand that their right to regulate anything comes from the… Read more »

Bob Sawyer

Support of the 2nd. Amendment is America's 1st Right of HOMELAND Security .. Don't Ever Forget It !
If the Anti's disarm America them the American people will no longer be "free" Stand up for the rights give to you by our founders
on .. Sept. 25 , 1789 !and still stands as strong today as it was the day it was sworn to and forever shall !


If Mr. Bloomberg decides to violate the law by sending his cronies to AZ to violate the Federal law on his behalf. Should the Federal Government chose not to act, Then we the people must demand that they do by pressing charges against him ourselves under Citizens arrest. We do not need law enforcement to arrest someone. We just need to be dam(n) sure that our ducks are in a row. Should Law Enforcement fail to act then we need to demand that they step down and leave office. The hard part would be proving that he sent anyone to… Read more »


Good initial thought, bad execution. It would be good to be able to carry in all the states. It would be bad for the feds to get involved. No government has the right to require a person to get a permit to carry a gun (I am unsure if that is what you are advocating). Either way, the 10th amendment makes the point moot.


Constitutional Carry (AK, AZ, VT) is the way to go.

Also, repeal '34NFA, '68GCA, '86HA and every single unconstitutional gun control laws on the books.

Furthermore, let us start hanging the anti-self defense lobby upon conviction of treason.