Celebrating A Decade Of Grassroots Gun Activism On The Internet

Celebrating A Decade Of Grassroots Gun Activism On The Internet

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Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(Ammoland.com)- It’s been ten years since Rev. Kenn Blanchard launched the URL, BlackManWithAGun.com.

The provocative website announced a pro-gun primer of the same name that has been a stalwart introduction to gun rights from the view point of an African American firearms instructor for ten years. Blanchard has been involved in almost every event in the last ten years involving a person of color and gun legislation in the United States. He is a sought after resource for historical knowledge on the racist roots of gun control and common sense solutions for people that fear guns.

Blanchard, an ordained Baptist pastor of a small congregation in Washington, DC has had his challenges. The former US Marine, federal police officer and trainer wasn’t well liked when he accepted his calling into the ministry in 2000. The church that licensed him considered revoking the license after Blanchard was featured in the Washington Post article, “Preaching God and Guns.” Blanchard then served as the pastors aid at the time. There was fear that he was carrying a gun in the DC church while serving in ministry. This was an issue to this traditional African American congregation.

The fame of this unique URL gained the attention of several radio talk shows back then and he was a regular feature on shows across the country but was not as controversial as his name. The respectful and soft spoken advocate of the right to keep and bear arms didn’t provide the shock value that his name alluded to. Where he proved most valuable was in the many sessions he had one-on-one with crime victims, clergy, legislators and community leaders.

Over the past ten years, the Black Man With A Gun has been in three documentaries. He has lobbied the US Congress. He has testified in the state legislatures of Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, Maryland, and Wisconsin.

Blanchard was called to pastor three years ago and also has been active producing a podcast called The Urban Shooter since then. This hour long show available by download on iTunes, Zune or a host of cell phone applications like the new Android app, takes his life experiences, humor and advocacy from the confines of his basement studio to a growing number of listeners. It takes new media back to Old Time radio, with a pro-gun variety show with comedy, a narrated action thriller, soap opera about zombies, and the things that matter to most to us even if you are not into guns. He also provides inspiration, observations and conversation with great people. His goal is to help “you survive another week.”

Check out the weekly podcast, The Urban Shooter available fresh every Friday morning, Eastern Time, show has continued to grow in popularity and audience reach.

To contact Rev. Kenn Blanchard: [email protected] or call 888-675-0202

Kenn Blanchard
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