GUNS Magazine & American Handgunner Launch Revamped Websites

GUNS Magazine & American Handgunner Launch Revamped Websites

Guns Magazine
To browse all the features of the updated Guns Magazine website visit today.
FMG Publications
FMG Publications

San Diego, Calif. –-( Gun enthusiasts who visit GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner online are enjoying new, user-friendly websites.

The new website designs feature an improved layout with easy navigation to exclusive content.

Easy-access links to digital editions enable readers to view current issues from their computer or smart phone at any time.

Both websites have links to columns and features where readers can now post comments and leave feedback about the articles. Readers can also now easily share their favorite articles with friends with the new “share” links to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Google.

Another helpful resource on the websites is the extensive Product Index, featuring digital links to hundreds of companies. In the Product Index readers can choose to view products featured in FMG Publications digital editions or follow links to the companies’ websites. Website visitors can also use the Store link to easily order print subscriptions, single and special editions of GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner.

Readers can also research and order GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner articles from 1982 to present by visiting the new Archives link.

“One of the many things I enjoy about working with FMG is the constant striving for excellence in every category. That shows itself yet again in the dramatic new re-design of our Handgunner and GUNS websites. They are easy on the eye, a snap to navigate through and easily become a must-have tool for any shooter, hunter, collector or someone who just loves guns of all kinds!” said publisher Roy Huntington.

“I encourage you to check out what our staffers have created! It’s sure to become a go-to resource for you.”

American Handgunner
To browse all the features of the updated American Handgunner website visit today.

To browse all the features of the updated Guns Magazine and American Handgunner websites visit and today.

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richard kramer

been trying for an hour to find how to submit a question for the AMERICAN HANDGUNNER’S” SPEAK OUT” section, but I had no luck. I just wish sites would make it real easy for dummies like me to ask questions when they have a ‘s section for readers to either respond or ask questions about an article in their mag. guess that’s why it took me so long to get a computer & get into modern times. rlkramer