Laser Ammo To Demo Modular Dry Fire System At Shot Show 2011

Laser Ammo To Demo Modular Dry Fire System At Shot Show 2011
Unique Product Line on Display at Several Locations.

Laser Ammo
Laser Ammo

GREAT NECK, NY –-( Laser Ammo Ltd. (“Laser Ammo”), manufacturer of the patent pending SureStrike dry fire system, announces that it will be demonstrating an expanded, modular product line at SHOT Show 2011.

The company’s partners will be displaying various adaptations of Laser Ammo technology developed for both general training use and for specific applications.

The SureStrike is a cartridge which is loaded into the firearm’s chamber and then locked in place with a safety pipe and nut. Activated only by the firing pin strike, the SureStrike emits a microprocessor-controlled, eye-safe, red laser pulse that simulates a bullet’s point of impact. The totally unique combination of firing-pin activation and safety system avoids the misfires, poor fit, installation tools and safety hazards common to other dry fire products.

In addition, the SureStrike is based on a flexible “activation cap” design. By switching the rear section activation cap of the SureStrike, users can easily reload the system to fire thousands of shots and expand the product’s capabilities.

Cost-effective activation caps and other adaptors allow a change of calibers, use in shotguns, a bore sight function, the activation of electronic targets, and compatibility with third-party simulation systems. It is this ability which is the basis of the products being displayed at the SHOT Show.

New Laser Ammo products will be demonstrated at three locations at the SHOT Show – International Supplies (#1266), Glockstore (#16042), and Setcan (#7111).

According to Laser Ammo founder, Mr. Oren Uhr, “Our concepts are being adapted to a wide range of applications. At each booth, you’ll see a different use of our technology. This unique arrangement is due to the incredible flexibility and quality of SureStrike’s design.”

About Laser Ammo:
Laser Ammo Ltd. develops small arms simulation and training systems, which it sells in the United States through Laser Ammo USA Inc. Laser Ammo’s patent pending technology enables dry fire training for hobbyists and experts, as well as law enforcement and military personnel. With Laser Ammo products, users of all levels can acquire, maintain and improve shooting skills safely – Anytime, Anywhere.