More Pro Gun Bills Introduced in Montana

More Pro Gun Bills Introduced in Montana

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Montana –-( Three more MSSA bills have been introduced and now have bill numbers:

HB 201, Allow employees to keep firearms in vehicle in workplace parking lot (Note: Don’t be surprised when this bill gets swapped out for a similar one that does a bit more. See LC0932)

HB 271, Harmonizing concealed weapon permit laws. Since 1991, a CWP has not been required to carry concealed in 99.4% of Montana, outside cities and towns. HB 271 will make the remaining 6/10ths of 1% like the rest. It changes the law so that anyone eligible to apply for a permit under current law can carry without a permit. So it applies to Montana resident non-criminal adults who’ve taken a firearms safety class.

HB 278, to clarify and specify the role of the Montana Home Guard. HB 278 will refurbish the laws relating to mission and formation of Home Guard units; organizing volunteers in Montana.

Coming soon, introduction of bills for:

  • Wolf control
  • Cure school system abuse of guns in schools rules
  • Award attorney fees and costs for person found not guilty for self defense
  • Encouraging production of smokeless powder, primers and brass in Montana
  • Clarify when police may seize firearms and when firearms must be returned

HB 159, to prohibit FWP from regulating firearms or ammunition (lead ban) was amended extensively by the House FWP Committee and approved 12-8. The amendments did NO serious damage to the bill.

MSSA has asked the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to schedule two days of public hearings on gun-related bills on next Wednesday and Thursday, February 2 and 3rd. We’ve bundled these bills to make it more economical for you to come to Helena to speak in favor of our bills.

Last item, we still need to get two of three senators to support Sheriffs First, SB 114, to get it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Those three are Jim Shockley, Jim Peterson, or Cliff Larsen. Keep up the messages to those three.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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