New Gun Bills Introduced Including More VCDL Requested Bills

New Gun Bills Introduced Including More VCDL Requested Bills

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( The following gun bill has been WITHDRAWN:

SB 755 – Senator Reynolds – allows someone who has had mental health treatment or substance abuse treatment in a residential setting to petition the Court for restoration of a CHP before the current five year waiting period has expired

The following gun bill has had its status changed from Strongly Support to Oppose for consistency reasons. Since CHPs are available to all citizens, including correctional officers, this bill is not needed.

HB 2062 – Delegate Bell – adds a correctional officer to list of those who can carry concealed without a CHP – VCDL Opposes this bill

New bills:

  • HB 2380 – Delegate Pogge – gives certain civil immunities to all employers who do not prohibit their employees from storing their firearms in their private vehicles while such private vehicles are parked on company property. Put in at VCDL’s request – VCDL Strongly Supports this bill
  • HB 2386 – Delegate Jackson Miller – changes concealed HANDGUN permits to concealed WEAPON permits – VCDL Strongly Supports this bill
  • SB 903 – Senator Deeds – would make someone convicted of having a firearm on school property guilty of a VIOLENT felony. It is bad enough that a person who inadvertently brings a gun onto K-12 property can be turned into a felon without the state having to prove any kind of evil intent, but this makes it even more unjust – VCDL Strongly Opposes this bill
  • SB 1250 – Senator Vogel – state agency preemption. Prohibits any state agency from enacting gun control without the permission of the General Assembly. Put in at VCDL’s request – VCDL Strongly Supports this bill

Finally, having an email exchange with Delegate Surovell on one of his bills, I am changing the bill’s previous analysis to this:

  • HJ 604 – Delegate Surovell – under this suggested change to Virginia’s Constitution, if enough cities and counties get together and represent enough of Virginia’s population, they can repeal any state law or regulation – VCDL Strongly Opposes this bill, which is not directed at gun laws per se, because of the danger posed to gun rights if enough localities banned together and repealed firearm preemption laws or turned the Dillon Rule into mush

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