Releases W.I.S.E. Trail Camera Software Version 1.5 Releases W.I.S.E. Trail Camera Software Version 1.5 W.I.S.E. Trail Camera Software W.I.S.E. Trail Camera Software Version 1.5

Luray, VA –-( has recently released the latest version of their industry leading trail/game camera software, W.I.S.E.

Version 1.5 of W.I.S.E. adds the ability to choose your own weather station.

W.I.S.E. retrieves the closest 10 stations to the selected zip code, and displays the latest weather record for the selected station.

This feature is important because the closest weather station isn’t always the best for a hunter’s particular property.

Other features in version 1.5:

Ability to exclude images from weather reports Export data from observation, weather report and harvest data screens Combined import and sync weather screens to enhance user friendliness

Download W.I.S.E.

W.I.S.E. is a software solution built for hunters, landowners and wildlife managers.

For hunters, it combines trail camera images and field observations with weather conditions (wind direction, temperature, barometer etc.) and solunar data (sun and moon). W.I.S.E. imports data from over 20,000 weather stations in the United States. Combining the images with the weather conditions unlocks an incredible amount of data that has never been possible before. This allows the hunter to easily pattern deer activity specific to their property, making them more successful.

For landowners and wildlife managers, W.I.S.E. has a quality deer management section that allows the user to automate their trail camera survey analysis. After performing a 2-week trail camera survey, W.I.S.E. allows the user to import the images, analyze the data, and calculate deer census statistics in the most efficient manner possible. With data such as deer density, buck to doe ratios, and fawn recruitment, landowners and wildlife managers can better understand the health of the deer on their property. W.I.S.E. will also calculate how many does to harvest based on a target buck to doe ratio.

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