Reinventing A True Classic – The BLOCK Classic Archery Target

Reinventing A True Classic – The BLOCK Classic Archery Target

Field Logic

Superior, Wisconsin –-( The BLOCK was the first open-layered foam target to hit the market back in 1997, and it took the archery world by storm.

Today, it still leads the market with imitations attempting to replicate its look and feel.

But the BLOCK is still the original. It is the classic that has stood the test of time, and it’s benchmark by which others are compared. And now, it’s been reinvented as the BLOCK Classic.

The new BLOCK Classic is available with its innovative high-contrast black-and-white layout.

This design brings back the original BLOCK look but reversed for more contrast to provide the shooter better target acquisition for both short- and long-distance shooting.

BLOCK Classic Archery Target
Reinventing A True Classic -The BLOCK Classic Archery Target

The patented technology of the BLOCK Classic stops arrows with friction rather than force. This simple revolutionary concept set the standard for archery targets by providing target durability and easy arrow removal. Archers can practice with field tips, fixed blade or expandables with out fear of wearing it out after a few hundred shots. So, keep on practicing.

It’s a classic—a BLOCK Classic. There is no other open-layered target on the market that can compare.

With prices almost as low as its original introductory price in 1997. The new BLOCK classic is available in three sizes. Look for the new lower-priced, high-contrast BLOCK Classic at retailers near you.

Headquartered in Superior, WI, Field Logic is the manufacturer of the award-winning BLOCK Classic, BLOCK BLACK and the BLOCK BLACK Crossbow targets.

It also manufactures GlenDel 3D targets. For additional information, visit the company websites at or