International Training Inc. – Texas to Host 3 Day Advanced Pistol Course

International Training Inc. – Texas to Host 3 Day Advanced Pistol Course
Taught by LOT X CORP March 14-16, 2011.

M. Anthony Marshall of LOT X CORP
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International Training Inc
International Training Inc

DILLEY, TX –-( International Training, Inc. (ITI), a subsidiary of Wackenhut Services Inc., and providers of benchmark security training programs to the U.S. Government, U.S. Military and corporate America, will be hosting a 3 Day Advanced Pistol Course taught by M. Anthony Marshall of LOT X CORP.

March 14th through 16th, 2011 at the ITI-Texas Campus.

This course is designed for the advanced pistol shooter who wants to increase speed, accuracy and stress management.

It will also help students identify and mitigate what part stress plays in a high threat, deadly force encounter and by the end of the course give a clear picture of the mental and physical skill sets each student needs to enhance.

This course will cover the following advanced pistol skills:

  • Increasing draw stroke efficiency
  • Sight picture under high stress
  • Increasing reload efficiency
  • Close Quarter’s shooting
  • Engaging multiple targets at varying distances
  • 360 degree of awareness
  • Utilizing available cover and concealment
  • Strong hand / Weak hand shooting drills
  • Multiple high stress, critical thinking exercises
  • Final stress course

“I’m excited to come out to ITI and work around a group of professionals and to have the opportunity to teach students advanced pistol techniques, along with fine tuning their ability to mitigate stress and maintain 360 degrees of awareness,” commented Marshall, Special Instructor for the 3 Day Advanced Pistol Course.

“My goal during this course is to take the skills and mindset I have honed over the years and teach students the importance of threat identification and full circle awareness.”

Students’ equipment requirements include: pistol, holster, three magazines (minimum), belt to secure holster, eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, suitable clothing / rain gear for environment, hydration system or water bottle and sunscreen if necessary. Students should also be sure to have 1,200 rounds of ammunition with them.

To register for the 3 Day Advanced Pistol course, please contact Shawn L. Lewis, Manager of Training Operations at ITI-Texas, 10700 S. IH 35, Dilley, TX 78017 by phone (830)-334-2990 or email [email protected] Cost per student is $350.

About M. Anthony Marshall
Mr. Marshall of LOT X CORP has spent the past 20+ years involved in military special operations and law enforcement and has instructed students all over the world in the use of multiple weapons systems, combat operations, high threat protection and anti-terrorism operations. He was the Senior Lead Instructor for Blackwater Worldwide for the High Threat Protection Program and is also a Lead Instructor for the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Program. He has successfully served multiple tours throughout the Middle East and South and Central America conducting high level training and protection operations.

About International Training, Inc.
International Training Incorporated (ITI) is a subsidiary of Wackenhut Services Inc. Founded in 1989; ITI is committed to providing benchmark security training programs emphasizing professionalism, quality, customer service, and a fair price. ITI conducts both mobile and fixed site training in security assistance and security service programs for the U.S. Government, U.S. military, corporate America, and now private citizens. For more information on ITI or any of their courses, log on to

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