Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

Honeoye Falls, NY –( Over the years, Kel-Tec has come up with a number of new designs and is one of the most “outside-the-box” thinking companies in the gun industry.

Examples include the RFB (bullpup 7.62mm), Sub Rifle 2000 (folding carbine), SU-16C (folding 5.56mm rifle), PMR-30 (.22WMR pistol w/30 round mag in grip), new RMR-30 and several others.

Rather than add a rail, a light, a stock or some other enhancement to an existing shotgun, Kel-Tec has started from the ground up to develop a “tactical” shotgun that is leaps and bounds above anything out there today. The KSG is based on the Neostead pump action shotgun from South Africa.

The KSG is their first entry into the shotgun market, and the size, shape and design are similar to the currently available Kel-Tec RFB rifle but the KSG ejects downward, instead of forward.

The KSG is a solution to the biggest problems shotguns have for tactical or self-defense use. These include length (a shotgun with a legal length barrel is hard to maneuver indoors or in tight confines), ammunition selection (shotguns are versatile, and that comes from the various types of ammo you can use), and limited capacity (typically 6-8rds).

The KSG weighs 6.9lbs and is as compact as legally possible with a 26.1″ overall length and an 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel. Even with this compact size, the internal dual tube magazines hold an impressive 14 rounds of 12 gauge 2-3/4″ rounds (7 per tube) plus one in the chamber for an impressive 15 rounds of 12 gauge without a reload.

The simple and reliable pump action feeds from either the left or right tube. The feed side is manually selected by a lever located behind the trigger guard. The lever can be positioned in the center detent in order to easily clear the chamber without feeding another round from either magazine. Of course the beauty of this is that you can now have both buckshot and slugs loaded simultaneously and ready to select with the flick of a lever.

A cross bolt style safety blocks the sear, and the pump release lever is located in front of the trigger guard. There were some issues with the prototypes on display at the SHOT show with trigger reset, but Kel-Tec has advised us that this is a prototype issue and the production models will not have this problem.

The pump includes an under Picatinny rail for the mounting of a forward grip, or a light or laser. The included top Picatinny sight rail will accept many types of optics or iron sights.

Forward and rear sling loops are built in, and a basic sling is included. The soft rubber butt pad helps to tame recoil. See videos below.

A few of the changes that have been announced:

  • Trigger reset problem resolved
  • Pump lock switch to allow the trigger finger to activate the pump lock without reaching in front of the trigger guard
  • Hand-stop to prevent sliding your hand in front of the barrel
  • Indicator holes on the magazine tubes so you can see when you’re running low on rounds
  • Availability of a breacher attachment
  • Single point sling mount.


  • Caliber: 12 Gauge 2 3/4″
  • Barrel Length: 18.5″
  • Total Capacity: 7+7+1
  • Weight (empty): 6.9lbs
  • Weight (loaded): 8.5lbs
  • Length: 26.1″
  • Height: 7″

MSRP is expected to be $880, and I can tell you I’ll be one of the first to order one.

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun
Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

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You all should check out the KSG forums on the website. It might give you pause to think.


Can't wait to get mine. I am impressed by Keltec's forward-thinking and innovative design… Especially good for close-quarters and home defense. Because you never know when Jan will show up and try to do (or say) something stupid. Hahaha.



Sounds like you need some serious training!

Check out frontsight firearms institute.

I would recommend you not carry until you realize there are other techniques!


two ways to carry a gun. the mexican way where you tuck it into the waistband or the all american carry. thats where they stick the gun up their asshole and walk around as if they have a tight ass