Order Firearm Training Sets & Take Advantage of 2010 Pricing

Order Firearm Training Sets by April 1 & Take Advantage of 2010 Pricing Before Costs Go Up

Remington IHEA Firearm Training Set
Remington / IHEA Firearm Training Set
International Hunter Education Association Foundatio
International Hunter Education Association Foundation

ESTES PARK, Colo. –-(Ammoland.com)- Order the new 5-Firearm Training Set and wheeled gun case before April 1 and take advantage of 2010 pricing before a 2011 cost increase goes into effect. You’ll save money and be able to provide safe, hands-on hunter education training for years to come.

The Firearm Training Set includes a non-firing version of every action covered in the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) curriculum: pump, semi-auto, bolt action, lever action and single-barrel break action. The airline-approved, wheeled gun case and soft firearms cases make it easy to transport the training set.

Hunter education administrators and instructors can receive a 30 percent discount on firearm training sets and gun cases. The 5-Firearm Training Set retails for $2,100 or $2,500 for the training set and wheeled gun case. Nonprofit organizations and government agencies can receive the special discounted price of $1,500 for the training set or $1,750 for the training set and wheeled gun case. After April 1, the training set and gun cases will increase to $1,775.

Hunter education experts who are using the new 5-Firearm Training sets give them two thumbs up. Those who don’t have them yet are busy finding ways to bring this innovative teaching aid into their classrooms.

Mark Cousins, the hunter education coordinator for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, said he likes the fact all five firearms in the set are completely disabled so they can’t fire.

“The fact they are inert firearms greatly reduces the remote possibility of a negligent discharge,” Cousins said. “Also, the inert guns are much easier to get into public buildings and schools where hunter education takes place.”

Cousins and his volunteer instructors will use the Firearm Training Sets in the classroom to demonstrate action types, firearms function, carry methods, shooting positions, transfer of a firearm to another, obstacle crossing, and safety and responsibility. He said the inert firearms, which look and feel like the real thing, are more important than ever as fewer students have handled a real firearm.

“By giving the students the opportunity to handle the inert guns, they gain knowledge and confidence in their abilities,” he said. “This helps when it comes to the live fire session, required in every Colorado hunter education class.”

Cousins also believes these teaching tools are not only beneficial to students, they will help recruit new volunteer hunter education instructors.

“Some folks who are considering joining up may think they don’t have all the tools they need to properly teach a class. By being able to provide the instructors a complete set of firearm action types, it makes it much easier for them to teach hunter education,” Cousins said.

Jim Dawson, Wyoming Game and Fish Department hunter education coordinator, also saw the value of bringing this teaching aid to his classrooms and worked hard to make that happen. While Dawson’s agency lacked the ability to purchase the training sets, he didn’t fall short in the good idea department. Dawson achieved his goal through a partnership with the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming.

“I approached Craig Showalter, President and CEO of the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming, to help me obtain the training sets,” Dawson said. “Showalter is not only an avid hunter; he is very involved with the recruitment and retention of hunters. He helped us purchase two Firearms Training Sets and is seeking donations so more Wyoming hunter education instructors will have access to this training aid.”

Each firearm in the set features a blaze orange stock making them easy to identify as training tools. These durable, high quality firearms also are powder coated to make the metal parts resistant to rust and other elements. Remington Arms Company, Marlin Firearms and Harrington & Richardson (H&R) partnered with Remington Outdoor Foundation to produce the only set of training firearms in the United States that meets the specifications of IHEA.

Quantities are limited and costs for the training set/gun case combo will increase after April 1. Order now and have sets available for your 2011 courses.

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