Pulse O2DA Firearms Training Launches Several New Business Initiatives

Pulse O2DA Firearms Training Launches Several New Business Initiatives
Offers the most comprehensive firearms training experiences available today integrating reality based training, live fire exercises, study manuals, online resource hub & training videos.

Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training Launches Several New Business Initiatives
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training

CHICAGO, IL –-(Ammoland.com)- Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, a division of O2DA, Inc., has announced the launch of several new business initiatives for 2011. In addition to it’s full slate of training courses offered out of the Aurora Sportsmen Club, the firm is now offering for sale it’s 3 volume training manual set, and has also launched the Pulse O2DA Armory, an online monthly subscription site.

These new capabilities combined with their training courses delivers the most comprehensive firearms training experience available today.

“We have one objective at Pulse O2DA – to teach our clients the gun fighting skills necessary to win the fight of their life. We don’t teach competitive shooting or recreational gun handling skills. We teach a devastatingly effective gun fighting methodology we created called the Pulse Engine, a method that quite simply unravels an adversary” said “Silent Bob” one of the founders of Pulse O2DA Firearms Training.

“Properly engaged the Pulse Engine is virtually unstoppable, causing panic and confusion in your adversary so that they literally “fold back” on themselves.”

If you are serious about weapons training and you enjoy learning not just the mechanics, but also the theory, strategy and tactics that allow you to dominate a lethal threat confrontation – then you should seriously consider registering for a Pulse course, buying it’s manuals or subscribing to the Pulse O2DA Armory.

There are three reasons to consider Pulse O2DA offerings:

  1. Reality based training. They are one of the few training programs that will teach you how to move and engage with a loaded weapon. They train you utilizing reality based scenarios that allow you to engage real, live and dynamic adversaries (using non-lethal ammunition and firearms) and not just stationary or pop-up targets.
  2. Proprietary methodology. The Pulse gunfighting methodology is unique and integrates theory, strategy, tactics and drills into a training regimen that turns new gun owners into competent gunfighters after 16 hours of instruction and expert gunfighters after 6 months of follow-on drills, training, and tests that the student can prepare for at home and at the local range.
  3. Training course format. Classes are small, the instructors are the best and support resources are second to none. And their unique Reality Based Training (RBT) is more expensive to produce than traditional static range course offerings which means prices will be more than most schools – but the price allows them to deliver safe one-on-one training that generates remarkable results.

Pulse O2DA offers 2 and 4 day courses for pistol, rifle and shotgun. Courses are taught by military and law enforcement vets who have made it through their stringent backgrounding, training and certification process.


Aubrey Maturin
[email protected]
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc.
P.O Box 96
Port Byron, IL 61275
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