Use the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4 This Turkey Season

Use the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4 This Turkey Season

Stealth Night Hawk 4X4
Use the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4 This Turkey Season
Stealth Electric Vehicles
Stealth Electric Vehicles

Every serious turkey hunter is looking for that perfect setup when it comes to fooling that old tom.

It's often just beyond the back 40 in one of those “you can't get there from here” areas, which at one time meant getting up at least an hour earlier if you were that determined.

The birds will be the first to tell you, presentation is everything, and it begins from the time you leave the truck or camp.

You may be camo clad from head to toe as you venture into parts unknown, but unless you get there undetected, you have just broken rule number one in the fine art of presentation… YOU GOTTA HAVE STEALTH!

Stealth 4×4 introduces the new Night Hawk Electric Vehicle.
The Night Hawk features a 72-volt 30 horsepower electric motor and130 ft. lbs of peak torque. The high-capacity, 12-volt deep-cycle batteries provide you with a 30-plus-mile range on a full charge – more than enough for a day of hunting. With the dash-mounted battery fuel gauge, you never have to guess if you have enough power to make it back to camp or your truck.

The Night Hawk has an operating range of -13 degrees F to 125 degrees F, so your vehicle will remain in top operating condition year-round…no matter the weather. The Night Hawk also features a high-performance forward and reverse switching system and onboard 13 amp charger/ maintainer. Thanks to its aircraft quality, non-corrosive heavy-duty triple wall aluminum frame, the Night Hawk can stand up to the wear and tear of hunting for years to come.

This spring, spend your time hunting in that perfect spot no matter how remote, and be confident that when it's time to call it a day, you can slip out with the same stealth that got you there.

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