Steve Felgenhauer – AmmoLand Outdoor Writer Biography Series

Steve Felgenhauer – AmmoLand Outdoor Writer Biography Series
“If shooting was involved I was into it.” – Steve Felgenhauer

Steve Felgenhauer
Steve Felgenhauer

St. Louis, Missouri –-( Steve Felgenhauer is an up and coming freelance writer that focuses on writing about all things firearms – from product reviews to hunting and everything in between.

He has been in the firearms industry, wearing many different hats, for more than 20 years.

Felgenhauer was born in farm country in central eastern Ohio. By age three, he was following along behind his father, who was an avid hunter, angler and trapper. By the time he started elementary school, his outdoors education expanded to tagging along squirrel hunting and learning woodsmanship (which in modern times seems to be a lost art) long before firearms played much of a role in his life.

At the tender age of 10 firearms were introduced in the form of a hand- me-down BB gun. Felgenhauer never looked back. Firearms consumed him, while other kids were reading comics and playing baseball, he immersed himself in rifle ballistics and the outdoor writing greats like Jack O’Connor, Bob Milek and Peter Hathaway Capstick to name just a few. It didn’t take long before he was shooting .22s, centerfire rifles were the natural progression. By age 12, he was reloading his own shells mostly out of necessity to keep the local groundhog population thinned out.

Felgenhauer enjoyed shooting …period. If shooting was involved Felgenhauer was into it.

Upon graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman and was immersed in even, more firearms – in the form of M16s, M249 Squad Automatic Weapons, M240 Machine-guns and even the M2 .50 caliber machine guns. This did nothing, but fuel his love for firearms.

With no plans to reenlist and his future at a crossroads – and in need of a career where he could follow his passion – he noticed an ad for a gunsmithing school. Upon discharge he enrolled in the program at Piedmont Community College utilizing the GI Bill.

Gunsmithing school opened his eyes to machine shop practices, firearm refinishing and gun repair, not to mention new shooting disciplines. This overall, well-rounded, dose of gunsmithing included custom rifle work which became his new self-proclaimed weakness.

Felgenhauer soon began using his newly acquired gun smith skills to offset the expenses the GI Bill didn’t cover. Some 20 years later, he’s still gunsmithing as a profession.

With encouragement from a teacher at a local college, he began writing and soon found a group of like-minded writers. The passion of his first loves – firearms, hunting and the great outdoors – combined with writing where they fused together to set Felgenhauer down his current career path.

Steve Felgenhauer
Steve enjoyed shooting …period. If shooting was involved Felgenhauer was into it.

Felgenhauer’s first article was published in a trade publication and soon afterward he secured a weekly writing gig in a small rural newspaper in Missouri. Felgenhauer worked under a tough, but fair editor who demanded the truth and non-biased writing. In return, Felgenhauer received $15 per week. The grind of consistently putting out copy, meeting deadlines and the dreaded rewriting of loose copy gave him an education in writing that could not be purchased at any price . It was soon after this that Felgenhauer made the jump to magazines articles.

Since then he has written hundreds of articles to include those featured in Gun Digest, AR Guns & Hunting,  Bass Pro Shops OutdoorSite Library and an array of regional articles.

Felgenhauer writes about his passion, but has to intentionally watch his writing to keep his technical tangents in check. Much of Felgenhauer’s writing is firearm related though he does manage several fishing articles each year.

Recently Felgenhauer updated and created new curriculum for a well known gunsmithing school to include a chapter on AR rifles. In support of this new curriculum he created, filmed and edited videos on the subject of gunsmithing AR15’s for the program.

Felgenhauer remains true to his upbringing by not selling out and refuses to write untruths or give products a good review if their performance is less than stellar.

His recommendation to get a good product review“…make a good product and be there for the customers… not because of them.

Felgenhauer lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and two children. To have Steve write for you contact him by email at: [email protected]


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