Anti-Gun Mayor Nutter – Outrage Of The Week

Anti-Gun Mayor Nutter – Outrage Of The Week


Charlotte, NC –-( This week’s Outrage comes to us from the City of Brotherly Love and its Mayor, Michael Nutter (D).

Nutter is a member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control advocacy group, misnamed Mayors Against Illegal Guns. We recently reported on Bloomberg’s announcement that he had hired a driver to tour the country in a large truck, towing a billboard claiming (wrongly) that 34 people are murdered with guns each day.

Implying that there is a single solution to the entire problem of criminal gun use, the billboard refers onlookers to Bloomberg’s website, which urges that federal law “require a background check for every gun sale in America.”

As Nutter was waiting for the “Bloomberg Express” to pull into town last week, he said that in his city, it is easier for children “to get a gun than to go buy a book.” Seriously?

Since it is illegal for a child to buy a gun from a dealer, we have to assume Nutter is referring to the chances of a child illegally purchasing a firearm from the black market on the streets of his fair city. This is a sad commentary on the city’s apparent failure to enforce existing laws.

To buy a black market gun, the child would first have to find a seller in a dangerous street environment, and would have to come up with enough cash for an item much more expensive than the average paperback. Not exactly a safe, prudent, legal, or easy prospect.

Compare that to a child walking into a bookstore and plunking down $9.95 for a book.

Making ludicrous statements, and trying to ride the coattails of Bloomberg for his own political gain earns Mayor Nutter this week’s “Outrage.”

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