Tomcat Target Introduces Sighting-In for Dummies

Tomcat Target Introduces Sighting-In for Dummies

Click Stick Pro
Click Stick Pro

Black Rock, Arkansas –-( I desperately do not want to miss, so I spend the time to make sure I know exactly where my rifle shoots.

Besides that I enjoy shooting.

Sometimes the sighting in of a rifle can be a chore, but as of today, that is a thing of the past. With the introduction of the TomCat Target and the Click Stick Pro by Steppin’ Wolf Productions and Slammer Hunting Innovations, sighting in a rifle has become a quick, efficient project, because the Click Stick Pro provided in the TomCat Target eliminates the guesswork.

The Click Stick Pro is an L shaped measuring tool with the increments in one eight inch, one quarter inch and one half inch. This is the adjustment increments which you find on every scope in the USA. By far, the greatest number of scopes in America have the ¼ increments for windage and elevation. This means that one click of the scope adjustment moves the point of impact of the bullet one quarter inch at one hundred yards.

Lets say that you shoot your rifle at one hundred yards and the bullet hits 3 inches high and 4 inches to the right. Do you know how far to move your windage and elevation adjustments to put the next bullet in the bull’s eye?

By placing the apex of the Click Stick Pro at the top of the bullet hole in the target and squaring it with the windage and elevation lines of the target it tells you immediately to move your windage 16 clicks to the left and the elevation 12 clicks down. After making the adjustments, your next shot should be right on target! The TomCat Target including the Click Stick Pro effectively makes your sight in a two shot deal, providing your rifle has been bore sighted or shot on paper up close before the 100 yard sight in.

For each scope which has not been bore sighted, I always shoot first at 25 yards, to make sure that the point of impact is on the target. Then, I take the Click Stick Pro and place the apex over the bullet hole on the ¼ measurements, square the tool with the windage and elevation lines on the target. I read the number of clicks to move the scope adjustments in the proper direction, but with it at 25 yards, I follow the instructions on the Click Stick Pro which reads…25 Yards equals total X 4. If I should choose to shoot at 50 yards, the instructions are on the Click Stick Pro and they are simple..50 Yards equals Total X 2.

With rifle ammunition at an all time high, the TomCat Target with the Click Stick Pro by Steppin’ Wolf Productions and Slammer Hunting Innovations, will save you money and time and help assure that when the shot of a lifetime presents itself, you will be ready.

Contact: slammer hunting innovations, Black Rock, Arkansas (870) 809-0822 or

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James Jones

Get your rifle on target and use less ammunition doing it. This target system uses patent-pending technology to tell you the exact number of click adjustments your scope needs, to put your bullet in the bulls-eye! Works with 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 inch MOA Riflescopes! Comes with 10-TomCat Targets and 1-Click Stick Pro Tool!

Instructions on back of each target!