Dead Dog Walkin Hosted by Reno Native Chad Belding

Dead Dog Walkin,’ Hosted by Reno Native Chad Belding
New Predator Hunting Series Debuts with Several Airings on Sportsman Channel.

Dead Dog Walkin
Dead Dog Walkin

USA –-( Fresh off the success of his first two seasons of The Fowl Life, renowned outdoor host Chad Belding’s new predator hunting series Dead Dog Walkin’ premieres this week on Sportsman Channel.

The show follows Belding and his team, primarily his brother Clay Belding and colleagues Alex Faust and Alex Langbell, as they hunt coyotes and other predators that are threatening domestic sheep and cattle herds, as well as game animals. The Fowl Life returns to Sportsman Channel in June.

“We cross the country doing Dead Dog Walkin’, and realize that the expansion of predator populations has led to some difficult situations for farmers, ranchers and our fellow hunters,” says Chad Belding. “The conservation we’re providing, as well as reducing the number of predators in these areas is helpful for everyone, and the hunts make for some great television, too.”

Belding, a native of Reno, Nev., and McQueen graduate who played baseball at UNLV, chose three Nevada-area sites among the first four locations for the series in order to try to help his local ranchers and hunters:

Episode 1: Ranchland Security (debuts this week) – Filmed in the state of Nevada with Chad and Clay Belding, along with Alex Faust as they help local ranchers protect their livestock against an outbreak of coyotes in the area.


  • Friday, April 1 – 12:30 PM
  • Saturday, April 2 – 10:30 AM
  • Sunday, April 3 – 9:30 PM
  • Tuesday, April 5 – 3:30 AM

***The show can be found on DIRECTV channel 605, Dish Network channel 285 or 395 and AT&T U-Verse TV channel 642. Check your local provider for local cable channel number.

Upcoming Shows Include:

  • Episode 2: Washington Laydown (debuts April 4) —Team Dead Dog member Alex Langbell shows us what the state of Washington has to offer, and coyotes are part of the landscape. Alex and a fellow Washington native take down some coyotes that have been preying on domestic animals.
  • Episode 3—Nevada Rendevouz (debuts April 11) – Chad and Clay Belding are back with Alex Faust in Nevada chasing coyotes to prevent them from devastating the sheep and cattle herds.
  • Episode 4—Nevada Rendevouz Part 2 (debuts April 18) – Chad and Clay Belding are back with Alex Faust in Nevada chasing coyotes to prevent them from devastating the sheep and cattle herds.

About Chad Belding: Chad Belding’s success started with his reality hunting show called ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’ which launched on Sportsman Channel and WILD TV in 2008, and airs in more than 40 million homes in North America. Fans across the nation have watched as Belding and his crew hunt in more than 15 states across the U.S., incorporating a local guest in each location who offers advice on their local hunting ground and participates in the hunt. Now approaching season three, ‘The Fowl life with Chad Belding’ is becoming the must-see reality series for hunters across the nation. Belding also plans to launch a new show focused on predator hunts and wildlife conservation called ‘Dead Dog Walkin’ which will begin airing on Sportsman Channel and WILD TV on March 28 of this year.

About Banded Nation: Launched in January 2011, Banded Nation is comprised of hunters, editors, graphic designers, producers, videographers and on-camera personalities dedicated to bringing a new approach to outdoor television and outdoor style. Banded Nation was founded by renowned outdoor hunting show host Chad Belding and acts as the parent company to a wide variety of properties including Sportsman Channel and WILD TV’s award winning national television series ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’, the new predator hunting television series ‘Dead Dog Walkin’ and Banded Gear. Visit for more information.

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Danny Thornton

Hi Guys, I have been watching your show for about a month and a half,the most amazing part is I have seen you guys calling the same places I call all the time and I think we might be related. My Grandma was Thelma Jean Belding and she married my Grandpa Chuck Thornton. My Dad is the youngest of their three sons and his name is Dan Thornton. I Love calling predators its my favorite hunting in the world and would love to go out with you guys and call some coyotes with you! I live in Gardnerville and do… Read more »

Steve Barrett

I watched your show, you guys talk to much and act like fools, you act like you have never seen a coyote before. You also need to learn how to shoot , watching the bum shots you make , make all hunter and gun owners look bad. I hunt coyotes so I am not against hunting. Come on get with it, have a good show or no show.


Just watched your show for the first time. I've been hunting trapping building my own fishing lures everything one could thing of outdoors. I don't varmint hunt, I don't see the sense in it but as I cherish all the other outdoor sports I'm sure you cherish hunting foxes and coyotes as well. The thing that really pissed me off is when you talk about a dead dog walking, his last tracks on earth, calling the coyote beautiful, THEN TIEING A F-ng ROPE AROUND ITS NECK AND DRAGGING IN BACK TOP YOUR TRUCK. show a little decency and sling the… Read more »

Matt Reed

I am looking for a way to contact or get a hold of someone in regards to the job opening that was advertized on the show this week.

neal greer

watched ranchland security on april 2 are you going hunt or talk really, one shot at the very end it better get better


Your show would be good if there wasn't so much yapping and more hunting. My husband and I are both interested in predator hunting. And in the first show we watched there was about 2 minutes of hunting and one coyote shot. Come on now if you are hunting predators shoot them don't just show them coming in than run to a commercial. Hopefully the second show is better.