Dead Down Wind’s Dual Purpose Odorless Lip Balms that Moisturize & Protect

Dead Down Wind’s Dual Purpose Odorless Lip Balms that Moisturize & Protect
With ESP and Sunscreen SPF 15 (2 Pack).

Dead Down Wind
Dead Down Wind

Pleasant Valley, MO – -( Dead Down Wind, the industry leader in scent prevention introduces a unique Dual Purpose Odorless Lip Balm package that features an exclusive moisturizing and prevention combination for every situation.

Great products for year round use whether you are hunting or on the water at the lake.

The dual purpose formulations, offered in a convenient 2 pack, provide superior protection in the scorching sun or on the frozen tundra.

The lip balm’s unique odorless formulation continues Dead Down Wind’s commitment to developing effective, functional products that protect and help sporting enthusiasts maintain a scent free environment.

Dead Down Wind Odorless Lip Balm
Dead Down Wind's Dual Purpose Odorless Lip Balms that Moisturize & Protect

The beeswax formulation helps to protect and prevent against chapped lips, while the moisturizing formulation soothes and helps relieve discomfort if your lips are already chapped.

With SPF 15 sunscreen protection built right in for added protection, you have a lip balm for any weather condition or simple everyday use. MSRP $4.99

A great value, The Dual Purpose Odorless Lip Balm has been field tested and approved through D2W Guide Gear Program and like all Dead Down Wind Products, it carries the DDW Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

About Dead Down Wind:
Dead Down Wind is a premium supplier of quality scent prevention products and D2W Guide Gear designed to help outdoor enthusiasts become more successful in the field. Dead Down Wind revolutionized the scent control industry through the development of a bio-engineered process known as ESP (Enzyme Scent Prevention). Unlike cover sprays that can only attempt to mask foreign odors or carbon clothing that only attempts to contain it. Dead Down Winds enzymes go well beyond the scope of typical antimicrobials in both effectiveness and the range of odors controlled.