Listen Learn and Talk Turkey

Listen Learn and Talk Turkey

Down N Dirty Turkey Hunters
Down N Dirty Turkey Hunters
Down-N-Dirty Outdoors
Down-N-Dirty Outdoors

LEWISBURG, Ky. –-( Just in time for spring gobbler season, Down-N-Dirty Outdoors has launched a new website feature that’s sure to help you bag old Tom by teaching you to become more fluent in talking turkey.

Success in spring turkey hunting relies almost entirely on vocal interaction with the birds to call them in. In fact, at this time of year, it’s almost impossible to harvest a turkey without calling out to them. The key to success is being able to converse with the birds in order to talk them into range. Knowing what to say and when to say it are critical skills.

They don’t just call it “talkin’ turkey” for nothing.

To increase your chances of success this spring, DND has created a new interactive feature of its website that will show you each of its calls and, more importantly, how to use them to talk the talk. The site offers streaming video on each product’s page that will teach you how to use that call, from the easiest box calls to pot calls to the more complex diaphragm calls. It’s through these videos that you can see and hear the different techniques of clucking, yelping, purring, cutting and cackling from some of the nation’s best callers. Then you can begin to practice those techniques, yourself. That’s why DND has designed this website feature to assist turkey hunters in holding a compelling conversation with the birds that draws them in close.

Certain calls may work on a given day, and others may not because each call has its own distinctive sound. Likewise, your style of calling makes a big difference. A gobbler may answer to one call or style but not to another, so it’s important to have a few different calls in your arsenal. The secret is knowing when and how to use them effectively. Practice being the key to success, DND Outdoors is here to help your turkey season be as successful as possible. Log on to to listen, learn, and then go out and harvest a big ol’ long beard!

Through experience and determination, Down-N-Dirty Outdoors has come to offer hunters the most advanced line of game calls available today. From the unique-looking diaphragms to the exceptionally designed pot calls, the entire line is built by hand with one goal in mind: to provide the finest quality, affordable game calls that absolutely mimic your prey. There are no gimmicks; no pretty faces; no bull. The calls from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors are just the finest calls available on the market today, and they will make you a more successful hunter for years to come.

For more information on Down-N-Dirty Outdoors, and to get a demonstration on the new call go to Be sure to visit the Down-N-Dirty Outdoors fan page on Facebook.

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Cody Rape

Do y’all still make the haint gobbler call