Is The Rhino A Big Animal Or Weird Handgun

Is The Rhino A Big Animal Or Weird Handgun
It’s Strange, New and It’s Powerful!

MKS Rhino Revolver
Rhino Revolver 20D
MKS Supply

Dayton OH –-( MKS Supply, Inc. The Rhino is a totally new, ergonomically designed revolutionary designed firearm and the Rhino looks like no other handgun and for several good reasons.

Shown is the 2-inch barrel version in matt electorless nickel

Yes, we know. It’s out of the box advanced design is a little weird looking but it really is the first serious significant new revolver improvement in over 100 years!


The Rhino fires from the bottom chamber (6:00 position). This is unlike any other handgun. The low-barrel design shifts recoil in-line with the shooter’s forearm and upper arm (No, it won’t crush your body; shatter your arm; or lower your I.Q.; okay, it may do that).

The relocated barrel nearly eliminates shooter felt recoil and muzzle flip and allows the shooter to fire incredibly fast highly-accurate repeat shots from the hard recoiling and powerful .357 Magnum cartridge.

The unique Rhino trigger and firing control mechanism results in this revolver operating smoothly (no hammer movement) and in a manner very similar in operation to that of a semi-automatic handgun. Some refer (not accurate) to it as a semi-automatic revolver.

The Rhino’s unique hexagonal flat side shaped (round) cylinder makes for a thinner profile when carried legally concealed (and at these prices this new hand made high-tech revolver will not be in gang banger’s pockets).

The Rhino really is the new high-end high-performance Ferrari of handguns. The Rhino was designed and made in Italy in one of the worlds most modern hospital clean firearm factories.

  • Caliber: .357 magnum (and .38 Special of course)
  • Basic weight: Only 25-ounces with a 4-inch barrel.
  • Frame material: Ergal (a special proprietary high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy)Metal finish: Matte/brushed electroless nickel or black
  • Capacity: 6-rounds
  • Barrel lengths and MSRP: 2-inch $799; 4-inch, $899; 5-inch, $925; 6-inch, $980.
  • Special feature: Military style Picatinny rail under the barrel to allow for flashlights or laser sighting systems (rail is not available on the 2-inch model). The 2-inch model comes with a handmade Italian leather holster.
  • Availability: As of early 2011 marketed across North America to licensed FFL dealers.

You may view this unusual high-performance revolver at

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Ronald Casey

I would love to have a magazine of the Rhino revolver 357.

jim c

why can't it be more afordable to the pulic, would love to have one but can buy a glock and get more for the money