Montana Gun Bills Status Update

Montana Gun Bills Status Update 3/21/2011

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Washington, DC –-( Sheriffs First: The House Judiciary Committee has concurred with the Senate version of SB 114, WITHOUT the amendment MSSA requested to have sheriffs report to MT DoJ the incidents where federal officers arrest, search or seize when the sheriff has no advance knowledge of the activity.

Powder and primers. The Senate Taxation Committee has approved SB 371, but WITH substantial amendments that rob SB 371 of most of the inducements for establishment of new businesses in Montana to manufacture smokeless powder, primers and brass.

Destroying guns. The Senate Judiciary Committee has tabled the bad bill, HB 496, that would allow police to destroy certain “bad guns” that were used to commit a crime.

Born in Montana – hunt in Montana. The House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee has approved SB 136, to allow people born in Montana to obtain a hunting license at twice the cost for residents without needing to go through the nonresident license drawing process.

Spring wolf hunts. The Senate Fish and Game Committee has passed SB 402 allowing for spring wolf hunts.

Wolf Control. MSSA’s wolf control from a draft request by Senator Balyeat has just been introduced as SB 414 by Senator Vincent. SB 414 has been referred to the Senate Finance and Claims Committee.

No action yet by the Senate Judiciary Committee on HB 174 (Suppressors), HB 271 (Permitless Carry) or HB 384 (Prohibited Places).

Shooting range funding. The appropriation for the Shooting Range Development Program is/will be contained in House Bill 2, the main state budget bill. FWP put about $600,000 of hunter license fee money (no tax money) into their requested budget. MSSA is asking the Legislature for $1.5 million for the SRDP. HB 2 has gone from the House to the Senate Finance and Claims Committee. The Online version of HB 2 does not contain sufficient detail to determine what appropriation was made for the SRDP in the House. We will DEFINITELY need to make sure the Senate Finance and Claims Committee includes the requested $1.5 million for the SRDP. I’ll dig into this and get you more information. Meanwhile, if your Senator is on the Senate finance and Claims Committee, be sure to contact him or her about the requested $1.5 million for the SRDP in HB 2.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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