The Total Outdoorsman Manual

The Total Outdoorsman Manual
Learn to hunt, fish, and camp like an expert.
By T. Edward Nickens
ISBN 978-1-61628-061-1 :: US $25.00; CAN $27.50

The Total Outdoorsman Manual
The Total Outdoorsman Manual

USA –-( Being a competent camper, hunter or angler used to mean having a higher tolerance for pain and rain than whatever you were after.

It still does. But for the 21st-century outdoorsman, it also means knowing how to use your computer as a range finder and how to start a fire with binoculars.

In The Total Outdoorsman Manual, you will find over 300 skills that will get you more fish and game, save you from danger, and otherwise make you the most competent guy in camp.

Learn them all, and there will be nothing in the wild you can’t handle.

The book is packed with tips and techniques from the experts in the field and features more than 400 spectacular photographs and easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations.

The Total Outdoorsman Manual contains all the essential information that you need for any camping trip or hunting expedition including choosing the right rifle for you. Here are just a few of the expert skills you can master:

  • Split and stack logs
  • Stalk without sound
  • Tie knots with one hand
  • Skin and cook a snake
  • Grab a catfish
  • Fling a bola
  • Fell a tree with a knife

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About the author
Field & stream editor-at-large T. Edward Nickens has paddled, backpacked, hunted and fished from the rainforest to the Arctic Sea. Winner of more than two dozen national writing awards, he is TV host for the Total Outdoorsman Challenge.

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