X-Bow Laser Bore Sighter by Slammer Hunting Innovations

X-Bow Laser Bore Sighter by Slammer Hunting Innovations


Black Rock, Arkansas –-(Ammoland.com)- Crossbow hunting for deer and other big game is spreading across the continent.

The northeast region of the United States is establishing deer seasons for crossbows where they have never been allowed before. Even in the western states of Montana and Utah crossbow seasons have been established.

The thousands of hunters who have made the transition to the crossbow and those who will have found that sighting in a crossbow can be a lengthy, time consuming process, but there is help available right now. The X-Bow Laser Bore Sighter by Slammer Hunting Innovations has made the sighting in process quick and simple.

The X-Bow Laser Bore Sighter follows the principles of sighting in with a laser bore sighter for a rifle, but it is in the design of a crossbow arrow with a finely tuned laser which is calibrated to the inside of the arrow shaft. The nock of the arrow is also the switch to activate the laser which is powered by four small batteries located inside the shaft.

The sight in process is best done with the crossbow in a gun vise or similar devise and set up seven (7) yards from the target. Simply slide the laser devise under the string of the crossbow exactly as you would an arrow. Turning the laser on will project a laser dot on the target. Adjust the vise holding the crossbow to center the laser dot in the center of the bull’s eye, then remove and turn off the X-Bow Laser Boresighter at this point.

Then adjust the windage and elevation of the scope or red dot sight to the exact point in the center of the bull’s eye to correlate where the laser dot was located. At this point, the crossbow will be dead on at twenty (20) yards. The whole process takes only a few minutes and your first arrow out of the your crossbow will be in the bull’s eye at twenty yards.

For more information on the X-Bow Laser Bore Sighter go to www.slammerhi.com


1. Remove the nock battery cap by turning counter clockwise. Install four L626 batteries with the positive (flat side) facing outwards. Replace the nock battery cap and tighten clockwise until laser turns on (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN). Your laser boresighter is now ready to use. Loosen the battery cap slightly to turn off.

2. Place crossbow in gun vise and secure into shooting position, be sure to tighten vise clamps.

3. Place target at 7-yards distance.

4. DO NOT COCK CROSSBOW. Turn on laser boresighter bolt and place UNDER BOWSTRING like you would a bolt to fire, sliding the bolt all the way back to the trigger mechanism.

5. Notice where the laser is projecting on your target and adjust the shooting vise to center the alser dot onto the target bull’s-eye. After centering the laser onto the bull’s- eye, turn off and remove the laser boresighter. Adjust your scope or other sighting device to the center of the bulls-eye.

6. Place target at 20 yards, load and fire crossbow bolt at target (3 shots are recommended to insure your grouping properly). Fine tune windage and elevation settings to center into target bull’s-eye (if needed)

7. 20 YARD REFERENCE POINT. Once you’re shooting tight groups into the bull’s- eye, replace target with fresh one and center scope crosshairs into the target bull’s- eye. WITHOUT COCKING CROSSBOW turn on crossbow laser boresighter and LOAD UNDER BOWSTRING. Notice where the laser projects on the target and draw a circle around the laser dot. You now have a 20 yard reference point if you ever need to change your crossbow scope.

8. CALCULATING ARROW DROP. If you measure the distance from the laser dot circle to the target bullseye you can calculate the drop of your crossbow bolt at 20 yards!

9. SIGHT CARD METHOD. Once your sighted in you can place a fresh target or sight card at 7- yards and center your scope crosshairs into the target bull’s-eye and place the laser boresighter on your crossbow and circle where the laser projects on the target. You now have a future reference point to change out or re-sight your crossbow scope at 7-yards!

10. CHECKING SIGHTS PRIOR TO THE HUNT. Using the sight card method again, you can set up your fresh target at 10 feet and center your scope crosshairs into the bull’s-eye and load the boresighter and again circle where the laser projects on the target. You now have a method of checking your sights prior to the hunt!

Contact: slammer hunting innovations, Black Rock, Arkansas (870) 809-0822 or www.slammerhi.com

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Mike Higgins
Mike Higgins
6 years ago

Where can I purchase this boresighter ?

7 years ago

Where can you buy this boresighter ?

Josep cupp
Josep cupp
4 years ago
Reply to  Matt

Where can buy this bore sight

robert krawiec
robert krawiec
10 years ago

well richie, it seems the idiots have nothing better to do than come to hunting/firearms sites and show off their stupidity. Have a good day at school on Monday, cause your english comp and spelling are horrific. I hope you are still in school because otherwise the education system has failed another one.