1880’s Bear Trap Sells for $3,491 at Internet Auction By SoldUSA.com

Bear Trap Made In The 1880S, 44 Inches Long And Weighing 43 Lbs., Hits $3,491 In Internet And Catalog Auction Ended Mar. 19 By Soldusa.Com
The trap, sporting some wicked-looking teeth, was the second-top lot of the 1,700 items offered.

Bear trap
Bear Trap: Circa 1880s Oneida Newhouse No. 6 bear trap, weighing 43 lbs., with wicked teeth ($3,491).

MATTHEWS, NC –-(Ammoland.com)- A vintage Oneida Newhouse No. 6 bear trap, made in the 1880s and weighing a whopping 43 pounds, with three wicked-looking teeth mounted on each massive jaw, sold for $3,491 in an Internet and catalog auction that went online in February and ended March 19 by SoldUSA.com, the hunting and fishing collectibles and militaria auction website.

The trap still had its original anchor chain – also heavy and massive – and a slickpan with raised letters that read, “S. Newhouse Oneida Community, N.Y.,” with “No. 6” in the center. The trap folded up for storage and was an impressive 44 inches when fully opened out. It still had a good deal of the original black paint and the rest showed old surface rust that patina’d out well.

“We got this bear trap in about a week before the sale ended,” said David Reichle of SoldUSA.com. “That’s too bad, because I believe if more people had known about it for a longer time, it could have brought $5,000 or more. What a piece. It was found in an abandoned house in Colorado by the consignor, who called us looking to sell.”

The trap was one of about 1,700 lots that changed hands in an auction that featured ammo (600 lots), guns (50 lots), militaria (350 lots), advertising items (50 lots), and coins (50 lots, all silver and copper). The auction attracted over 25,000 registered online bidders, from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, France and Canada. Phone, fax and absentee bidding was also brisk.

“I really do believe the economy is picking up,” Mr. Reichle observed. “This was easily the most active auction of the last three we’ve held, and bidding was spirited across the board. I just came back from the Wannamaker’s Gun Show in Tulsa, and that place was jammed with gun enthusiasts and fans of militaria. You’d never have guessed there’s a recession going on.”

Following are additional highlights from the auction. All prices quoted include a 13 percent buyer’s premium.

The top lot of the sale was a gorgeous and quite stunning fancy double eagle coin necklace in a coronet setting, the centerpiece of which was a rare U.S. $20 gold coin set in 14kt gold. The coin was flanked by 43 diamonds, totaling 2.03 carats. The necklace even had a nice storage pouch, as well as a dated jeweler’s appraisal sheet. A determined bidder paid $3,995.

An early Colt 2nd model new line .22 caliber pocket revolver, made sometime between 1873 and 1884 and having 99 percent of of the original nickel plate and genuine elephant ivory grips, hammered for $1,068. The weapon was serial #4559 (proving it was an early production model) and it boasted nearly all of the fire blue on the hammer, trigger, cylinder, pin and barrel.

Ammo boxes are hugely collectible, and this sale had some wonderful examples. An original, unopened 50-count box of Winchester model 1873 .44 caliber cartridges (two-piece, fully sealed, with the correct green box top) breezed to $564; while a full brick of Remington Kleanbore .22 caliber Winchester shells, showing considerable shelf wear, still realized $535.

Anything with the name Winchester on it does consistently well. An outdoor metal sign reading, “Winchester Rifles, Shot Guns and Ammunition,” beautifully framed and matted, 10 inches by 13.5 inches, brought $565; and a hard-to-find Winchester referee’s whistle (No. 1806), nickel plated, on a 14-inch chain and still with the original cork ball inside, topped out at $283.

Pistols were offered in abundance. A Winchester model 363 single-shot target pistol, still in the original box (serial #043157), caliber 4.5mm/.177, hit the mark for $481; a mid-1880s Pepperbox bar hammer 6-shot pistol with rotating 3-inch barrel, .31 caliber, coasted to $398; and an Allen & Thurber bar hammer ladies’ muff pistol with screw-on barrel, .36 caliber, made $344.

Rounding out the sale’s top lots: an original muster and payroll document for Company H, 41st Georgia Volunteer Infantry, for Dec. 31, 1862 through Feb. 28, 1863, with detailed listings of 52 officers and men in the company, with all their signatures, went for $386; and a World War I M1917 bolo knife (Plumb Mfg., Phila., 1918), with wood scabbard, sold for $208.

SoldUSA.com’s next big auction is already online and concludes May 21. Featured are hundreds of lots of ammunition, militaria, advertising items (to include a 1948 Coca-Cola Art Deco-style wall clock), coins and ephemera, to include calendars and posters. The paper items have been photographed in normal conditions and with a black light, to show their restoration.

Colt Revolver
Colt Revolver: Colt 2nd model new line pocket revolver, .22 caliber, made between 1873 and 1884 ($1,068).

To learn more about SoldUSA.com and the auction slated to end May 21, please log on to www.SoldUSA.com. The firm is always looking for quality consignments for future sales. To consign a single item or an entire collection, you may call them at (704) 815-1500, or you can e-mail them at [email protected] For more information, log on to www.SoldUSA.com.

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i am looking for a newhouse bear trap,anyone out there that can help?my email is [email protected]
phone is 250 719 8260

William Fredrick

Onieda Newhouse #15 for sale. Any interest please call Will@ 5092638896

ron maritvold

I have a s newhouse onieda community n y stamped #5 ide like to sell its original but missing the big ring on the end of the chain

Jody Bickers

Hi, we(my father and i) are trying to sell a #15 S. newhouse bear trap in good condition, if anybody knows anyone who might be interested please get them in contact with us, thank you
Email: [email protected]
Cell phone:530-774-8329 ask for Jody or Pat

Corie salsbury

I have the #6 grizzly bear trap patent 1888 also original chain it’s the same one that was auctioned up above, its for sell if anyone’s interested my name’s Corie contact me thru email at [email protected] or 405-535-1095

carl gitscheff

hi,could you please email me about your trap
[email protected]
thank you

brian starr

I have a #5 Vintage bear trap for sale. Made by S. Newhouse and is in amazing. people call me if you are interested at 9169608559 brian

Jesse Morin

HI Im Selling a nice pair of Antique Bear traps grizzly and Black bear with matching serial #s.
1. Grizzley–American Fur and Trading CO no#6 Serial # 315
2. Black bear Trap#15 Serial # 315 mackenzie District Fur Co LTD
3. Comes with Setting Clamps
4. Like new condition

please click craigslist link below to look at pictures and contact information———–thank you


Bob Morton

I’m looking for an original #6 Newhouse trap if anyone has one for sale. Thanks, Bob 406-253-0899

George Sherman

I have a newhouse # 6 with S Newhouse community lettered on the pan. I can send a few pics if your interested. Im told it was made between 1865 – 1888.

bob morton

please do call me 406 253 0899

carl gitscheff

hi,could you please call me on this trap. 250 719 8260

carl gitscheff

can you call me please. 250 719 8260

carl gitscheff

george Sherman can you please call me 250 719 8260?


Does anyone ever get their question answered here? i have a few vintage bear traps for sale and would like to know the value plus possible interest in buying.. i have photos. One is a Oneida Newhouse #15 and two older number 4’s. Please contact me if you can answer my inquiry.

carl gitscheff

hi,if you still have the number 15 I am interested,you can call me 250 719 8260,ty


i will put you in contact with Brian on the #15 trap…. I gave him your number.. ty Carl

T.D. Williams

I have an S. Newhouse#5 bear trap made around 1885 , it measures 36″ opened and it is for sale


I have a Triumph 415, original chain for sale. 500$ cdn email [email protected]


can someone tell me a website or contact info for what to do with a trap I found in my woods- I live in Durham NH. Its old. Thanks.

Joel Zimmerman

What is it stamped with


I have a #5 newhouse trap. The pan has S. Newhouse Oneida Community N.Y. around the outside and on the inside is PAT Sept 28, 1911 No. 5. There is also the letter D stamped on each jaw. Any idea as to what it is worth? I am interested in selling.

Monica Bentley

I have an Oneida New House#6 bear trap. Animal Trap Co. Lititz PA made in USA. We are interested in selling. Any interest or know of anyone who may be interested. I have photos I can send. It is stamped 1888


I seen your comment of u wanting to sell a #6 Newhouse , do u still have it ? I have been looking for one

Russell Perkins

My name is Russell Perkins. I have an S Oneida Newhouse #6 for sale. If interested message me. 830-535-4007

Ray Dochterman

Do you still have the trap??

Sylvia Meketi

I have a #5 Newhouse bear trap with original chain. Pan reads No.5 NEWHOUSE KENWOOD, NY. It is approximately 36″ long with 3 teeth on each jaw. It is rusty but all lettering is very ledgible. Would like to know the value. Please email me at this address…[email protected]. Thank-you for your time!!


Hallo .
Could you please tell me how I can find more information about a trap.
The jaws are a semi circle of 240 mm.
It has the spring on one side.
The spring is made up of 8 thinner spring steel plates.
It has a big trip plate.
I think it’s origin is French.

Kind Regards.

Tom McCoy

I also have a Oneida community bear trap # 6 would not take anything under 5,000 for it. ( not many out there ! )

Greg ostler

My name is Greg Ostler I recently was given a #6 and was wondering what it could be worth.

William Utz

Does it have the marking ROME on it?

Robert Hovland

I have a Newhouse #15 “Animal Trap Co., Lititz, PA” bear trap I’m interested in selling.

jerry bohanon

have a newhouse pattened 1911 Oneida community bear trap //interested in selling it //also interested in value//it is in good condition all orgintal

James A Essenpreis

I live in Hawthorne Nv, I have a # 15 Newhouse bear trap I would like to sell, It’s been in our famly for over a hundred years. My father used it when I a kid. It’s in excellent condition, with the original chain, and markings on the spoon and springs. If you would be interested in having this in your auction please let me know, also I would like to know what it might be worth. Email or call 775 945 2869 and thank you for your time.

Gregory Benaitis

yes I’m commenting on the bear trap that sold for 3000 plus it was the number 6 I have a number 15 new house from Kenwood New York I would like to get some information on auctioning it off thank you and I’ll be waiting for your response

brian starr

I have the same #5 S. newhouse Conpany bear trap for sale