Alpine Archery’s Bear Claw Quivers – Made For The Treestand Hunter

Alpine Archery's Bear Claw Quivers – Made For The Treestand Hunter

Alpine Archery Bear Claw Quivers
Alpine Archery Bear Claw Quivers
Alpine Archery
Alpine Archery

Lewiston, ID –-( The hunters at Alpine Archery know that it is important to have a quiver that does more than just provide a way to carry your arrows to your treestand. So they designed the Bear Claw.

The Bear Claw Quiver is a universal quiver system designed with the treestand hunter in mind.

The line is available in both 3 and 5 models, both are lightweight and while inexpensive they feature a wide range of vertical adjustments so you can position where it best fits your needs.

The replaceable head quiver foam is designed with pre-cut placement holes that accept all model broadheads including mechanical models. The Bear Claw Quivers also feature a Quick Detach system and will accept all common size arrow shafts. Add the Bear Claw Screw-In Mounting System and you also have a convenient place to hang your quiver while in your treestand.

The Alpine Archery Bear Claw Quivers are available in these exciting camo finishes:

*Mossy Oak New Break-Up, Treestand & Infinity
* Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, Hardwoods HD & APG HD
* Mathew’s Lost Camo
* Skulz Camo and
* Black (5 arrow only).

Want more than just a way to haul your arrows in the field? Looking for a lightweight, treestand preferred, won’t break your wallet, fit any arrow, any broadhead, adjustable quiver? Of course you are and this is why Alpine made you the Bear Claw.

For more information please contact:

Alpine Archery
PO Box 319 – 3101 North South Highway
Lewiston, ID 83501

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