Alpine Archery’s F2 Liberator Bow – Performance For The Tight Spots

Alpine Archery’s F2 Liberator Bow – Performance For The Tight Spots

Alpine Archery
Alpine Archery

Lewiston, ID –-( For those who hunt from a treestand or ground blind the new F2 Liberator from Alpine Archery is designed to fit like a glove.

But don’t let its compact size and light weight fool you. This is an arrow spiting monster.

The F2 Liberator features a lightweight machined 6061 aluminum riser mounted with 12” parallel limbs and camoed up in Mossy Oak’s game fooling Break-Up Infinity pattern.

The axle-to-axle is a short 30” and it weighs in at a light 3.5 lbs.

Alpine Archery’s F2 Liberator Bow
Alpine Archery’s F2 Liberator Bow

It’s fitted with Large Velocitec cams with Patent Pending ‘Dynamic Load Balancing Technology’ and is available at 60 and 70 lbs with a solid 80% let-off.

The bow’s good looks are also enhanced with its comfortable two-piece Rosewood grip, brown hardware and antiqued medallion.

Made for the tight spots of treestands and blinds the F2 Liberator is anything but tight when it comes to performance.

Arrow speed is right at 315 fps at 30” draw length. We said short, we didn’t say slow.

Next time you settle in to your stand or blind make sure your fingers are wrapped around a new F2 Liberator.

The game won’t know what you’re shooting until it’s too late.

For more information please contact:

Alpine Archery
PO Box 319
3101 North South Highway
Lewiston, ID 83501

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jeff crabb

I am wondering what the best arrow would be for my liberator 2. I am replacing my full metal jacket arrows that have been pounded for the last three years. Your recomendations would be appreciated.