Anti-Freedom Senator Mceachin Now Wants To Ban Guns At Churches

Anti-Freedom Senator Mceachin Now Wants To Ban Guns At Churches

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( This absolutely amazes me.

Senator McEachin is black, yet he doesn’t want a Jim Crow law clarified so that people won’t be treated “differently” by the police and courts.

McEachin should be applauding Attorney General Cuccinelli, not panning him.

Churches, like all private property, should be able to decided from themselves what they allow or don’t allow in their buildings. So why is the State telling Churches that guns are not to be carried without “good and sufficient reason” or telling them guns can’t be carried at all?

Where does the State get off dictating such things to private property owners inside their own buildings?

McEachin is missing the point: Attorney General Cuccinelli is not making new law, just clarifying existing law.

Here is a list of all the **deadly force** incidents that have happened in churches since 1/1/1999 – 438 are documented on this site:

Well, gun control never makes any sense and so it continues. My comments are embedded:

From the Roanoke Times:

Lawmaker seeks to ban guns in churches

A Democratic state legislator said today that he will introduce legislation next year to ban guns in churches under any circumstances.

State Sen. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico County, said he will file the bill in response to an advisory opinion issued last week by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who said guns can be carried into houses of worship if they are for personal protection.

Cuccinelli also emphasized that churches have the right to ban firearms from their premises.

McEachin, a frequent critic of the attorney general, issued this news release today:

Richmond – Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today issued this statement about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s ruling on guns in places of worship. “Once again, the Attorney General governs by fiat and by his opinion rather than by the constitutional process of legislation. This very bill was introduced in the 2010 General Assembly Session, only to be left in committee by members of his own Party, never even to make it to a Floor vote. [PVC: McEachin is misleading everyone here – that bill never got brought up for a vote, so there were no votes on the bill one way or the other. Republican leadership killed it by never letting it get voted on.] Republicans in the House of Delegates opposed this legislation and defeated it, but rather than accept the legislative process and therefore, the will of the people, the Attorney General has seen fit, once again, to overrule and ignore the Virginia General Assembly with its duly elected representatives of the people, and simply impose his own will on the Commonwealth.” [PVC: Again, misleading – the legislation was never voted on, so it wasn’t defeated by anyone other than Republican leadership who denied it a chance to be voted on.]

Senator McEachin continued, “I cannot imagine a need to carry guns in places of worship where people go to seek peace, prayer and solace. [PVC: Tell that to Charl Van Wyk or all the other victims of church violence in the last decade. The link above documents over 438 violent attacks.] Now, thanks to the Attorney General, if a faith community does not wish guns at their services, they will be forced to post signs and expend funds to ensure guns are not present. [PVC: Much to do about nothing, Senator, most won’t be banning guns.] The assumption will be that guns can be there, even if they are contrary to the spirit of the religious service and the desires of the congregants. [PVC: I think McEachin would be surprised to learn how many congregants aren’t concerned about any of this.]

“If this is truly what Virginians want, then the bill needs to be passed by the General Assembly and signed by the governor. Are the Attorney General and his cohorts afraid of a real and honest debate on this issue? Are they afraid that the vote will turn out as it did previously? [PVC: Vote? There he goes again…] Is the Attorney General so determined to kowtow to radical gun organizations that he does not want to allow faith leaders to have the opportunity to express their opinions on this subject? [PVC: They CAN express their opinion, Senator. They can ban guns if they choose to do so. But they don’t want to ban guns with a sign for fear their congregants will go to church somewhere else. I know I would.]

“Next Session, I will put in a bill to not have guns in places of worship and then an honest debate on the merits of this policy can occur, culminating in a vote by all the elected representatives in the General Assembly. This serious decision can then be made by the people, not by a single individual’s political grandstanding.” [PVC: I look forward to debating your bill, Senator.]

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