Arizona Campus Carry Passes in the House

Arizona Campus Carry Passes in the House
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Arizona Citizens Defense League
Arizona Citizens Defense League

Catalina, AZ –-( SB 1467, the AzCDL-requested Campus Carry bill passed out of the House Committee of the Whole (COW) yesterday (Thursday, April 7th) and was added to the Third Read Calendar where it passed by a 33 to 24 vote with 3 Representatives not voting.

The following 5 Republicans joined the Democrats in voting against SB 1467:

  • Kate Brophy McGee (R-11)
  • Heather Carter (R-7)
  • Russ Jones (R-24)
  • Bob Robson (R-20)
  • Michelle Ugenti (R-8)

Maybe SB 1467, which prevents the governing boards of colleges and universities from prohibiting the “lawful possession or carrying of a weapon on a public right-of-way,” was too much for them? If so, how will they vote when presented with a more comprehensive Campus Carry bill?

From here, SB 1467 will be sent back to the Senate. Since no changes were made to the bill in the House, the Senate will send SB 1467 to the Governor.

Over in the Senate, HB 2465 passed out of the Senate COW and will be scheduled for a Third Read vote. HB 2645 was formerly an AzCDL requested bill dealing with the disposition of forfeited weapons. This bill has been replaced by a “strike-everything” amendment in the Senate. The new language modifies the law related to the restoration of the right to possess a firearm by mentally ill persons. It also adds retired peace officers to the “carrying of firearms by peace officers” statute.

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