Clean-Shot Archery Introduces Spot-On LASER Broadhead

Clean-Shot Archery Introduces Spot-On LASER Broadhead
“The Ultimate Evolution in Broadheads”

Clean-Shot Archery Spot-On LASER Broadhead
Clean-Shot Archery Spot-On LASER Broadhead
Clean-Shot Archery
Clean-Shot Archery

Renton, WA –-( For the archer/bowhunter product quality, performance and accuracy always take center stage and at Clean-Shot Archery all these features have been combined into the newest innovation in the modern broadhead, the Spot On Laser Broadhead.

“The Spot-On Laser Broadhead was a major hit of this year’s 2011 ATA show.” Noted VP Sales & Marketing Chip McBroom. “With hundreds of new products being introduced each year at the ATA show, it’s gratifying to receive top honors with the Spot-On Laser Broadhead! Rightfully so as this product represents a quantum leap in technology for the bowhunter.”

The new patented Spot-On Laser Broadhead is the first Field Sighted broadhead to combine modern laser technology with superior broadhead design, material and construction. The internal micro-laser module is integrated into the broadhead which is activated at full draw by a simple bow mounted magnet. Every Spot-On Laser features an adjustable set screw that allows the beam to be adjusted 24” of elevation at 30 yards as well as for windage. This allows each broadhead and arrow to be ‘sighted in’ with deadly, pin-point accuracy out to 70 yards. With the Spot-On Laser Broadhead – where the laser beam aims is where your arrow hits!

The replaceable three blade Spot-On Laser Broadheads not only fly true but provide, when compared to other three blade broadheads, increased penetration. The reason is the newly patented technology of the Spot-On Hollow-Point Tip that cuts on contact and cuts a core hole from the target as the 1 1/8” cutting diameter also creates a massive wound channel.

The Spot-On Laser Broadhead come in 125 grain base grain weight but can be adapted upward to 150 grains by simply changing the patented Hollow-Point Tip from Standard to Large. The convenient Broadhead Kits include a 12Volt car charging unit to recharge battery power for hundreds of shots or disposable battery packs good for approximately 100 shots each. This innovative laser broadhead was designed for low-light hunting conditions which will add at least an hour per day to the hunt. Spot-On Laser Broadheads can be used with or without sight pins and will aid in set-up and calibration as well as the ability to field check your pins for accuracy. If you use a peep sight the Spot-On Laser Broadhead eliminates the parallax error inherent with peep sight usage for greater accuracy. Spot-On Laser Broadheads can be used with all archery bows including crossbows. Spot-On Laser Broadheads -accuracy is the name of the game, performance in the field is the result.

Tough, Durable and Reusable, the innovative Spot-On Laser Broadheads are

“Changing The Way Modern Day Archers Prepare, Practice and Hunt!”

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What’s the battery called for the spot on arrow?


how can i order one of these arrows?