Congressman Refuses Award From Animal Rights Wackos at HSUS

Congressman Refuses Award From Animal Rights Wackos at HSUS

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( This week, U.S. Representative Don Young (R-Alaska) refused an award from the Humane Society of the United States. As we have frequently reported, despite their innocuous sounding name, the HSUS is the most radical animal “rights” organization in the country.

They are extremely anti-hunting and anti-gun.

According to a press release on Rep. Young’s official site, he was to receive the award for his work on behalf of wildlife in 2010.

The release notes that HSUS takes credit for the good work done by local humane societies, but does not own, operate, or directly control a single animal shelter in the entire country, despite a $100 million budget.

“HSUS are hypocrites, plain and simple, and I will not join them by accepting this award,” said Rep. Young, explaining his refusal of the award.

“Local animal shelters and humane societies do excellent work by caring for neglected and homeless animals, and through their spaying and neutering programs. This organization, however, has absolutely nothing to do with animal welfare.

Instead they prey on the emotions of big-hearted Americans. They flash images of abused animals on our television screens to raise money that will eventually go to pay their salaries and pensions, not to helping better the lives of these animals. They run anti-hunting and anti-trapping campaigns and are of the same cloth as PETA and other extremist organizations. I can only guess that I was to receive this award due to my support of the Wildlife Without Borders program, which develops wildlife management and conservation efforts to maintain global species diversity. That program is true conservation; what this group wants is preservation.

To accept this award would be supporting their manipulative ways and misguided agenda, and I want no part of that.”

Bravo, Congressman Young.

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It’s quite obvious to anyone with a brain that the HSUS chose that name to be deceitful. If your average person sees an ad with a sad puppy behind bars from an organization called The Humane Society of the United States, what do you think they are thinking that their donations are going to be going to? Do you think they believe there donations are going to an organization that accuses dog breeders of dog fighting, then kills all their dogs while the owners are tied up in the court system? Did you know that the HSUS even kills puppies,… Read more »


Saying the HSUS "steals" $ from other animal rescue groups is like saying that March of Dimes steals $ from the American Cancer Society. All organizations are trying to help but in different ways. HSUS tries to prevent the problem of animal exploitation while local shelters try to help the victims of human cruelty. I've worked in shelters and the stream of animals dumped there will continue to be endless without groups like the HSUS helping be legislating some solutions to the problem.


Actually I applaud HSUS for protecting all animals, not just the ones we call "pets". HSUS also does a lot of great work for companion animals too. Whenever there is an animal hoarder case or a natural disaster HSUS is always there rescuing animals. For Young to say that HSUS money all goes to pay salaries is libelous. They spend only 15% on operating coast with the rest going to programs that help animals. What Young fails to understand is that you can help animals in more ways than just operating a shelter. Without legislation animals will never have better… Read more »


HSUS wants you to forget about the incident where a newspaper investigation found many slaughtered dogs they were disposing of in their dumpsters.

Bea Ⓥ Elliott

All one has to do is look at the HSUS logo – It's there on every website and on any letterhead, stationary or advertisement. It couldn't be more obvious – See the cat and dog? Next to the dolphin, bear, lion, cow, bird and goat??? HSUS hides nothing in what their agenda is – They are a "welfare" organization that attempts to minimize/reduce/end cruelty to ALL animals. No surprise here… No "secret"… Furthermore, both hsus & peta combined spend about 2 million in lobbying… That is the tip of the iceberg as to what the meat/dairy/egg/animal-breed/animal-using industries spend. Please, someone… Read more »


The only wackos are those who abuse animals for fun and/or profits.

Ted Law

What am I doing?

Let see I am a member of REMF, QF, Duck Unlimited and the NRA.

And me and the millions of other sportsmen who do the same raise and actually spend millions and millions of dollars on true conservation that has made stunningly positive impacts on our wild life and forests.

Throw in the billions raised by the Pittman-Robertson Act and hunters and gun owners do more good for animals and environment in one year than all the good toted out by animal rights groups over our entire lifetimes.

Top can't!

Amy Heart

John all the thing you point out would be great if HSUS did them exclusively and left out the attacks on hunting and conservation efforts. But they can not! HSUS at it core is a vegan lobby group with a stated goal of equal rights for animals and removing all meat from human diets. Cover it as much as you like with feel good stories of helping rescue 2000 rats from a hoarder but you still have an organization that is stealing funds from local shelters animal shelters that do real work. HSUS only wants on thing …to impose its… Read more »

John B.

Ted (and Congressman Young) you really have no clue the enormity of what the HSUS accomplishes daily. Have ever even thought about the sheer mass of animals which exist outside of the dog and cat realm? They work to save animals everyday through legislation, education, reform, hoarding rescues, dog/cock fighting raids, farm animal abuse, wildlife abuse (the list goes on and on) – not to mention on the International level. It takes more than rescuing animals after the fact, it's fixing the core problems which create these issues. You have no clue the amount of work it takes. These people… Read more »

Ted Law

This guy is 100% correct HSUS is a vegan and animal rights lobby group and has nothing to do with doing good work for animals.

It uses its misleading name and false advertising to fool well meaning folks out of their money and take from the local shelters that are doing the real work of saving pets.

DHS has even listed HSUS as a home grown terrorist group?

Give direct to your local animal shelter not to these deceitful "Wackos" as the title so correctly call them out to be.

Ed M

I have to say I agree with the above comment generally. While I may not agree with everything HSUS does (or, more accurately, does not do), their heart and money are in the right place. By the way, I am not anti-gun. I happen to agree with a citizen's right to own arms for protection, sport, etc. So the truth is, the NRA and the animal rights advocates like myself are really not that far apart. (Do I see an award in the NRA's future?) As for Young's comments in rejecting the award, he should look to the NRA for… Read more »

Phoebe S.

That just shows one thing: That Congressman has absolutely no clue what he is talking about and blindly quotes lies published by The Center for Consumer Freedom, a lobbying agency for the food, tobacco, and restaurant industry. The HSUS has never claimed to run shelters; and those of us who support this great organization know exactly what we are supporting and why. I am against animal cruelty in any form; and yes, that means that I am also against recreational killing. By now we know from scientific studies that animals are sentient beings who do feel fear, pain, and joy… Read more »