Ducks Unlimited Conservation Efforts To Support Waterfowl In Wyoming

Ducks Unlimited Conservation Efforts To Support Waterfowl In Goshen County Wyoming

Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited

TORRINGTON, Wy –-( Goshen County is a focal point for some of Ducks Unlimited’s most important wetland and waterfowl habitat restoration efforts in Wyoming.

Since DU began work in Wyoming they have conserved 1,173 acres of waterfowl habitat in this county alone.

The ‘Goshen Hole’ wetland complex has long been recognized as an important waterfowl breeding area in the state. The area provides migratory ducks and geese with an important stopover point during spring migration to the prairie breeding grounds. DU’s conservation efforts in the area focus on restoration of degraded wetlands, improving the ability of managers to utilize water resources for waterfowl and placing conservation easements on key parcels of land that benefit waterfowl.

“Goshen County has a great mix of riverine and pothole habitats preferred by migrating ducks and geese,” said Matt Reddy, DU regional biologist. “These natural wetlands combine with the reservoirs and irrigation ditches run by local producers to provide great conditions for our waterfowl visitors.”

Over the past few years, DU has delivered several wetland projects conserving 906 acres in Goshen County. These projects were funded in part by the North American Wetland Conservation Act, Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust and private landowners. These projects involved improving water management capabilities to enhance and improve waterfowl migration, breeding and brood rearing habitat on private lands.

The landowners of these properties are better able to manage water levels to promote beneficial vegetation growth and provide dependable water for the ducks. DU will monitor the properties and work with the landowners to maximize waterfowl use of the restored wetlands.

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