Global Rescue Performs Medical Evacuation of Hunter From Cameroon

Global Rescue Performs Field Rescue & Medical Evacuation of Hunter From Cameroon

Global Rescue
Global Rescue

Cameroon, Africa –-( Global RescueGlobal Rescue has rescued a client from a remote camp in Cameroon over the weekend and transported him to his home in Eastern Europe.

Bela Hidvegi, a veteran of African travels, was hunting dwarf buffalo in the rainforest about 15 hours by car from the capital, Yaounde, when he began to experience nausea, vomiting and digestive problems.

A rudimentary local clinic diagnosed him with malaria and prescribed medication. Because his condition continued to deteriorate over the next 48 hours, Global Rescue’s medical team reviewed the case, believed the diagnosis to be incorrect and recommended an immediate field rescue from the jungle to Yaounde.

Global Rescue dispatched a helicopter to Hidvegi’s camp near the town of Doume and flew him to the capital for further evaluation. There, he was seen at a private hospital, diagnosed with a bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics. Hidvegi was then transported to his home in Budapest. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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Global Rescue provides best-in-class medical, security, evacuation, and crisis response services to individuals, corporations, travelers and expeditions worldwide. The company’s emergency response teams are comprised of paramedics, physicians and security personnel, many of whom are veterans of elite special operations units of the U.S. Military. Through an exclusive relationship with the physicians of Johns Hopkins, Global Rescue members also benefit from the advisory services of some of the world’s finest physicians.

Examples of Global Rescue’s work includes extracting and evacuating hundreds of people from the Middle East during the uprisings of 2011 and deploying medical and security personnel to earthquake ravaged Haiti to secure, treat and evacuate more than a hundred travelers, humanitarian workers and orphans. Other recent missions include evacuations from Chile, the Republic of Georgia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Mexico, Alaska, Argentina, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Thailand. For more information, visit

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