GoHUNTn Reaches 50,000-Facebook-Fan Milestone

GoHUNTn Reaches 50,000-Facebook-Fan Milestone
New online hunting publishing platform’s promotional tool grows thousands stronger by the day.

GoHUNTn Facebook Page
GoHUNTn Reaches 50,000-Facebook-Fan Milestone

California –-(Ammoland.com)- The Facebook page of GoHUNTn (www.gohuntn.com) reached the 50,000-fan milestone this past weekend, GoSPORTn, Inc announced today.

GoSPORTn’s first site, GoFISHn (www.gofishn.com) Facebook numbers soared over the 162,000 mark this weekend as well.

“Our Facebook page is where we share the best posts from GoHUNTn to a larger, more viral audience,” says Ned Desmond, president and founder of GoSPORTn, Inc. “GoFISHn has become the largest fishing-only Facebook page in a little over a year, and GoHUNTn’s Facebook page is growing twice as fast as GoFISHn.”

More than 4.5 million hunters already this year have seen GoHUNTn’s Facebook posts.

“Facebook is a powerful promotional tool and a great way to reach a targeted audience,” says Desmond. “We continue to program our stream with the best hunting and wildlife news from our own blog and our professionals. GoHUNTn is a marketing tool that businesses can take advantage of to reach this burgeoning, active Facebook fanbase and tell their story for free.”

Earlier this year, GoSPORTn made all professional accounts on their sites free, allowing small businesses to take full advantage of the search-engine optimization and social media marketing tools built into GoHUNTn and GoFISHn.

GoSPORTn Inc. is a social media, technology and consulting company. In addition to launching new properties, it helps design, build and deliver websites and social media strategies for partners.

Prior to forming GoSPORTn, Inc., Desmond was the president of Time Inc. Interactive, the team that conceived and delivered many of that publisher’s biggest online successes. He has also held leadership roles at other divisions of Time Inc., Disney and Infoseek.

GoSportn Inc. is a start-up social media, technology and consulting company based in California and Maryland. For more information, visit www.gohuntn.com/info/about.

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