South African Man’s Story On A Real Life Gun Fight With Terrorists

South African Man’s Story On A Real Life Gun Fight With Terrorists

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( A South African man’s story on a real life gun fight with terrorists told at VCDL meeting last week

Last week’s VCDL membership meeting in Annandale had an excellent guest speaker: Charl Van Wyk, who saved countless lives back in 1993 because he was able to shoot back at some terrorists who attacked a church he was attending.

The terrorists came in with nail-encrusted grenades and fully-automatic AK47s, intent on a full fledged massacre.

What Charl did back then was extremely courageous. When the attack started with grenades and AK rounds flying into the church during a service, Charl drew his gun, a snubby .38 Special revolver with 5 shots and no reloads, and fired two shots at the attackers at the front of the church. Charl was sitting near the back of the church when the attack started and he was unsure if his gun’s accuracy was sufficient to actually hit the terrorists at that range, but he had to try anyway.

After firing the two shots, Charl exited the church through a back door. At that point, most people would have run for the hills and called the police. But not Charl, he ran around the outside of the building, hoping to come in the front door and shoot the terrorists in the back with his last 3 bullets. The were four terrorists for his three bullets, so he had a problem, but that didn’t concern him.

As Charl came around the corner, he spotted a lookout and the getaway driver out by the car, the lookout with an AK47 on his hip, pointing up in the air. Charl believes that the lookout was watching for Charl to come out the front door so he could be executed. As it was, Charl was coming up behind him!

Charl opened fire, sending his last 3 rounds towards the terrorists by the getaway vehicle. At that point the other terrorists came running out of the church and they all fled in the getaway vehicle.

It turned out that Charl had actually hit one of the terrorists with his first two shots in the church. The terrorists were already spooked by that and his last 3 shots from the parking lot was the last straw (lucky for Charl).

The terrorists had superior numbers and superior firepower, yet they were intimidated by a man with a 5 shot .38 Special snubby! With Charl firing at them from inside the church and then from behind in the parking lot, the terrors probably thought there were multiple defenders!

Guns do indeed Save Lives
One of the terrorists later said that they had picked that church to attack believing that no one would be armed, and that they were greatly surprised when rounds started coming their way , striking one of them only seconds into their assault.

For those interested in learning more about the story, Charl has a book and a DVD available here:

Charl is a Christian missionary and part of the book and DVD deals with him coming to grips with religion and the right, and the requirement, to protect innocent life.

Executive member Ian Branson filmed Charl’s presentation at my request, as I had heard from many of you who could not make the meeting, but wanted to see the presentation.

Thanks to Ian for a great job video taping and editing the presentation and to Charl for sharing it with us:

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