Mule Deer Foundation partners with Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, Inc.

Mule Deer Foundation partners with Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, Inc.

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors

Wichita, KS –-( The Mule Deer Foundation hunting and conservation membership organization today unveiled another element in its new education initiative by teaming up with Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, a leading national mentoring organization.

Together, they intend to greatly increase the number of youngsters pulling triggers safely at the range and on mentored hunts, according to MDF CEO Miles Moretti.

He said, “This will help our chapters and volunteers reach more of the right kids and channel them into proven programs of our partners, including Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Scouts, 4-H, Salvation Army Outdoors, FFA and others. And it fits with our other partners, like the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance.”

The Mule Deer Foundation’s relationship with Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors compliments its new M.U.L.E.Y. program (Mindful, Understanding, Legal and Ethical Youth), funded in part by MidwayUSA, and designed to introduce youth to the shooting sports.

MDF COO Eric Tycksen, who oversees the initiative, said it is one more way Mule Deer Foundation is promoting safe hunting, shooting and conservation. He said the initiative focuses on reaching youth who probably would not otherwise be introduced to the shooting sports or contribute to wildlife restoration.

“Our goal is to build an Outdoor Mentoring Alliance, consisting of youth organizations, conservation organizations and state fish and wildlife agencies,” said Michael Christensen, President and CEO of Pass It On-Outdoor Mentors. “We are proud to have the Mule Deer Foundation join us in our efforts to focus on giving children who would be the least likely to have the opportunity to go hunting and fishing the chance to do that with a caring mentor who will share their passion for the outdoors with that child.”

About the Mule Deer Foundation
With members in about 100 chapters nationwide, Mule Deer Foundation’s mission is to enhance conservation of mule deer and black-tailed deer and their habitat. For more information about the Mule Deer Foundation, please visit

About Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors
Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors is a Wichita, Kansas-based national organization dedicated to providing children with mentors who will share with them the experiences of traditional outdoor activities. The heart of the group’s mission is to give children opportunities to connect with nature that they more than likely won’t have without a mentor showing them the way. Partnering with organizations with like-minded conservation and youth participation efforts like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pheasants Forever, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Delta Waterfowl, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation, among others, volunteers with a passion for the outdoors can give a child the chance to go fish, hunt, or simply spend time in the fields with a caring adult. For more information about Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, please visit