Obama Admits Sneak Attack on Gun Owners – Media Could Care Less

Obama Admits Sneak Attack on Gun Owners – Media Could Care Less
By Jeff Knox


Manassas, VA –-(Ammoland.com)- “I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Barack Obama told Sarah Brady regarding gun control. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar,” Obama said according to Brady.

This interesting bit of news was reported in an April 11 Washington Post Lifestyle section story about Obama’s gun control and regulatory policy wonk Steve Croley. Toward the end of the article the writer, Jason Horowitz, mentioned a March 30 meeting between Jim and Sarah Brady and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney during which the President “dropped in.” He then quotes Sarah Brady relating how President Obama gave his personal assurance that he and his administration were working hard on a gun control agenda. Brady reported that Obama then told them about advancing the agenda “under the radar.”

What is truly startling about this story is the way it has been totally ignored by the rest of the media. Compare the media’s current silence with what happened during the 2000 presidential campaign when then NRA Vice-President (and GOP activist) Kayne Robinson told a group of rights supporters in California that electing Bush would mean “we’ll have a president where we work out of their office, unbelievably friendly relations.” The media went into a feeding frenzy over this comment to such a degree that Bush distanced himself from the NRA, publicly endorsed reinstatement of the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban and withdrew overt support for the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The story was carried repeatedly on virtually every major media outlet in the country – and it was not based on anything Bush himself had said. Here the leader of a prominent organization is claiming that the President himself had avowed active support for a highly controversial agenda and admitted that he was violating his own promise of transparency in pursuit of that agenda.

Yet the media ignores it.

Even the folks at the Brady Bunch are not spreading the news about the stunning reassurances from the President. There is nothing on their web site discussing, or even mentioning Obama’s chat with Jim and Sarah. Just the fact that a groups leaders were cordially welcomed at the White House, much less given a private, informal meeting with the President, would generally be something to crow about, but on their web site Brady’s focus is to “Tell President Obama to Ban Assault Clips!” (Assault Clips?)

The “Gunwalker” scandal, the push for registration of long-guns through mandatory reporting of multiple sales, and stricter interpretation of various gun laws are all part of the Obama administrations ongoing “under the radar” attack on rights. The recent ATF “study” on the importability of shotguns is one of the most obvious components of this multi-faceted plot against our rights and it is slipping by with little resistance.

As I have previously reported, the ATF “study” examines current laws and practices regarding shotgun imports and concludes that standards need tightening. Like a bank robber wearing a brightly colored hat to distract attention from identifying features, the ATF “study” prominently puts forward a list of features that distinguish non-sporting shotguns from sporting shotguns. As intended, the media, and the rights community, have almost universally focused on this list of features to the exclusion of other critical information in the “study,” most importantly a statement that the real test they intend to employ to determine importability is one of actual use, not features. If an importer cannot demonstrate that a particular shotgun style is popular for use in sports such as bird hunting and trap and skeet shooting, the gun will not be allowed into the country. No more will importers be able to replace “non-sporting” features like folding stocks, and pistol-grips with more traditional, sporting style options to pass ATF “sporting purpose” test. The report specifically disqualifies the very popular and growing sports of 3-Gun and tactical shotgun competitions based on the circuitous logic that since ATF rifle and handgun importability studies of several years ago did not recognized these sports, it would be disruptive for them to be recognized now.

Suggestions that import bans could be bypassed by manufacturing the guns in the USA fail to recognize that there are two different places in federal law where almost identical “sporting purpose” language is used: the GCA bases importability on “sporting purpose” and the NFA exempts shotguns from the definition of Destructive Devices based on “sporting purpose.” Once a particular style of shotgun is declared to be “non-sporting” for importation purposes, it is a natural, short step to declaring it “non-sporting” for NFA purposes – which would mean it, and any domestic shotgun of similar design, would automatically be classified as a Destructive Device and subject to all of the restrictions of the NFA.

As blatant as Mr. Obama’s “under the radar” assault on the Second Amendment is, it seems that the major media, and even the powerful NRA, have their radars turned off.

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Tred Law

@Joe so Obama getting to appoint 2, maybe 3 new supreme court justices wont have any effect on our right to keep and bear arms?? You just showed your ignorance of reality.


Oh wow, you kooks are too funny. Even if Obama's in the white house for another 4 years, at the end of it gun rights/laws won't have changed a bit and the NRA and Smith & Wesson will be laughing all the way to the bank.


If Obama sends someone to take my guns I'll send their heads back to him


Michael, "Let them ban gun ownership – and I will Acknowledge that Act Of War against the American People – and take arms against any who try to enforce it." Awesome man! And Kenneth Volz, Where do you see anywhere saying a NRA member said any of this. The article that you say to go look up on snopes, is the person who wrote that a gun owner? you know him to be a NRA member? hmm prob not. AND saying Navee Davee should apologize???? really? Who does he owe a apology to? you? He doesn't gotta apologize for a… Read more »


Let them ban gun ownership – and I will Acknowledge that Act Of War against the American People – and take arms against any who try to enforce it.


***COULDN'T care less


What I don't understand is why ANYONE is surprised.
BHO is a Chicago Machine politician. This IS what they

The retiring mayor Daily is devoting ALL his time to
Gun Control

PS- I have just read on the NET that the ONLY FFL
in Wash. D.C. has "lost" his lease Want to bet
on his getting a new lease.
For those who don't know-You can buy a long gun in
an adjacent state. You can ONLY buy a handgun in YOUR
state of residence. OOPS! Ain't one no more.

Kenneth Volz

Navee Davee!


Kenneth Volz


The NRA and other gun owners saying Hillary signed UN effort to disarm the U.S. and take our guns.

SHE DID NOT !!!!!!!!!

Neither did Obama!!

I am getting fed up with the lies being spread.

GO TO Snopes.Com or FactCheck.org


Navee Davee

So Obama is against guns, proven by his actions not words, we all have known that for a very long time. All his votes, the recent turndown of bringing back rifles, etc. The worry has been future actions-what will be done to severely restrict guns by this administration. It sure seems to be inevitable. The only question is likely to be how severe. Gun restrictions are after all only done by tyrants who want the POWER! It is illogical and ignorant to believe gun restrictions prevent crime, so the only other answer is that govts fear armed citizens. WHOA! No… Read more »