Thoughts on Shooting Practice

Thoughts on Shooting Practice

Shooting Practice
Thoughts on Shooting Practice with George Harris

EXETER, NH –-( Shooting practice is something that we do to improve or maintain our skills with a firearm.

For a lot of us it is a trip to the range with a massive lead launching into the direction of the target and we call it a day.

If we are serious however, we will go to the range with a plan, and stick to it, leaving a little room to freelance at the end. There should always be some fun with the work.

The foundation to practice is dry work. You must do the dry work to condition the eyes, hands, and brain to work together with out the distraction of the noise or movement of the gun during firing.

Once we shoot each drill in the plan dry it is time to go to live fire.

It is important to practice each drill very slow and methodical at first so that we can detect and correct any deficiencies in the efficiency of our delivery. Once the unnecessary movement is eliminated the speed with which we deliver the shots will increase automatically.

After the drills in your plan have been completed, save a magazine of ammunition just for you. You may not know what to do with the magazine when you start but you will by the time you finish.

I usually treat myself to a Bullet Hole or Reset Drill if I am by myself or a Now Drill if I have a partner. That way, I finish having improved or validated a skill set with the fun of shooting something at the foundational level that is still a challenge to shoot clean.

Simple Is Good!

George Harris
Director of Training

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